“If This Ain’t Love, Nothing Matters …” | #LoveDeclaration #PapaAbbie #music

Instaclassic. No further comments. A Day in the name of ‘THAT’. WHAT? LOVE! It exploded at Stadium Arena today. Junior Achievement – the “Swedish Incarnation”. Regional Fair and Awards! Whoa! More happened this day. In the same spirit! But now, hit the Image and then hit yourself with the Love Bomb! YES!

Today! And all days! All ways! Ad Infinitum! | #LOVE

Valentine’s day. Valentindagen. Alla hjärtans dag. All heart’s day! Eight billion hearts. Human. Beyond that. On earth. In universe? Who knows? Some relations are more important than others. But there is only one love! Period.

Progressive Bliss – A Pomodoro Mix! | #PomodoroMixes #blog31

… and not just “anyone”. In fact. The first. Ever! Seven years ago. Check it out tomorrow when you need some work-a-music! Image clickety-clickable. One of my key projects to research #Music4Health. G’night! Keep groovy!

#SlamRadio – 217 – Slam (LIVE) – SoundCloud | #QuickShare #Running #Music

Listen to #SlamRadio – 217 – Slam (LIVE) by Slam #np on #SoundCloud

[BUMP] “aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] by NEMCOM | April 2012 – SoundCloud | #blog101 #GYMSession #Music4Health | #QUICKSHARE #STATUS

aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 by pomodoromixes #np on #SoundCloud

Nadja Lind – Chillout Dub Mix [Soma] – SoundCloud | #blog366 #Music4Health

“Listen to Nadja Lind – Chillout Dub Mix [Soma] by Soma Records #np on #SoundCloud — That was the template instant share formulation. My words: Listen, feel, learn! Bedtime, it is. Good night!

#blogg101 – initiativet som kom av sig! Det blev #blogg24 istället! I namn av #EnHälsa!

Som framgick, #blogg101 med ett hjärtebarn i familjen, och med egna hälsoproblem för oss alla. Dömt att misslyckas. Var det, ju. Hur kunde jag tro något annat? Oavsett hur man än gör – även om man tror på självorganiseringens kraft och en enkel samlande tagg, så krävdes min energi att dra till mig andra användare in i initiativet, och admin av grupper med mera efterfrågades. Så. Det får bli nästa år! Höstsäsong, prickas in! För våren/sommaren hör #blogg100 till. Energi, hälsa, Mika. Livet ristar in sina begränsningar. Ibland i sand, men i detta fallet blev det i sten. Orubbligt. Det…

Mika Nadine And The Mission

In the silence and in the dark – my family is calm. I see it clearly. I feel it. Blog away a new A-Z + Å Ä Ö Vocabulary in order to let us talk openly about #OneHealth. Why not begin with a three-part manifesto as well along the line within the same thematic flow? From new words and combine them! Our kids are our primary messages to our future. The main mission! — clarity and the obvious // new words // two kids and two books