Cerefie Byrge – The Singing Voice On The Ceremony | #MikaTheHero #MikaMemorial #Music

Program. Work in progress. We had a strong flow session where Cerefie was at our Casa for the first time. I’ve known her something like ten Earth Rounds Around The Sun. Earlier lives excluded … Full Cerefie Story unfolding. She’s now preparing the music together with a team she’s about to synch with. In the mean time. Check her indie acts Tonarvet (legacy), and her current act Televote! Norrköping Music with High Spirit! And Cerefie Byrge has the Power to Channel the Spirit of Mika. Me just feel it!

The Big Profile Update 2019 – Day One | #ProfileUpdate2019

Did an overview of the project! Imaginable to be done/check within the coming month. A kinda sneak preview below …

“It’s about fkkn HUMAN RIGHTS, dude!” | #IntlWomensDay

Period. Enuff said. Now on to some domestic work (cat litter boxes to get new sand), then getting The Mika from preschool. All, at the same time as Karin is with Hanna and her little big baby Luna in Linköping for an All Grrl Power Day! A special thought to my daughter Nadine and her mom too! KEEP STRONG, ALL WOMEN OUT THERE! AND ALL MEN AT THEIR SIDES! YOU HEAR? __ Img src: Viber

Capturing the rest of 2019 – and beyond … | #doing!

I am in process to set intentions on what to accomplish for this year, ahead. Expect some announcements during the course of this week! The habit of daily blogging keeps me on track. When it comes to introducing habits, you gotta take care and prioritize. What is realistic? Well, first things first – changing from Lullaby Blogging to Daytime Blogging is priority number one! Now, getting Mika from the pre-school! KHTXBAI!

[BUMP] “aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] by NEMCOM | April 2012 – SoundCloud | #blog101 #GYMSession #Music4Health | #QUICKSHARE #STATUS

aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 by pomodoromixes #np on #SoundCloud

Who Can I Be Now? | #blog101 #Music4Health #DavidBowie #IdTuesday

Identity Tuesday.   In my intended book publishing, I wrote a full draft (in Swedish), on Medium, back in 2014 – before my collapse in 2015. There, I suggest Tuesdays to be dedicated to “Identity/Identities”. And then, identity in a very generic meaning. You place the specifics. But, for now, since my life in such a deep explorative mode (where the only self-evident is to do my very best to preserve and develop family health and well-being, all dimensions!), I tend to have my brain looped around “what to do with Music For Health, where, how, when, with whom” –…

101 – what? Sorting out and filter … ing! | #blog366 #PhotoStory

Handbook of Music and Emotion. A cornerstone for further explorative searches, on what to deliver and get leverage with in my creative writing process on Music For Health, beginning 1st of September, 2016. I have identified two focuses, to which I still need to narrow down and write synopsis on, respectively. Both have been tested in the ‘How’ aspect. Are they researchable? The answer is a sounding Yes! So – level up, we will! Now, leaving the University Library across the street, and returning home. Work Trial, this is. But, not formalized, yet. Emergence! Done! Soon!

Revamps and Rewards | #blogg100 #doing

Click to view video. Our work-in-progress of revamping our home, aiming for a fresh place for Mika-one-year-party Saturday to come, continues.Today we focused on our kitchen! Cleaning out some mess, towards some kind of minimalism. Well done! Says Deshi as well … After the day of labour-of-love, we rewarded ourselves with a take-away combo of falafel/lager-kebab/coke on the balcony. And, summer it is! Mikalove as seen. As always! Now, calling it a day. Work, con’t, tomorrow. Good night!