Drafting A Thesis Sketch! | #Music4Health

Finally! Got truly into the deepest of writing flow today, when I got focused energy to finalize the first draft of a Thesis Sketch! Hopefully something developing to a full-fledged Synopsis, mature enough to attract further resources. Now sent to my mentor and professor emeritus Bengt Johannisson for response. Happy to see all years of thoughts materialize to this level! And yes – live as you learn! Music for productivity, and the focused social setting at the silent reading room at the University Library really got me disciplined! Almost five hours efficient time. Oh yes! And not that exhausted either….

The Big Profile Update Project – April 2019 Focus! | #ProfileUpdate2019

Things happen all the time. Good thing some stuff remains as-we-can-experience-as … “STATIC”. For me, this experienced “CONSTANT” is – as you might know by now, if you’ve followed me through the years: PEACE. LOVE. HARMONY. UNDERSTANDING. Fifty years ago today, a Bed-In For Peace was taking place. Yoko Ono. John Ono Lennon. In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Our World. In the same spirit – here we are. Mika. Nadine. Me. And my beloved Karin behind the camera. In our sofa, at Sandgatan 12B, Norrköping, Sweden, Our World. Not at all with the same magnitude of “followers”. Far from that “reach”….

Project Back-To-Working-Life – and Sonic Vibrations for Health | #ProjectThursday #WorkTrial #GongMeditation

It is Thursday. For me, it leaves a review and reflection over current ongoing projects. For me, in focus, one thing. To get back my ability to be a stable bread-winner for my family, at the same time doing something with depth and meaning, contributing to the society at large. And now, I experience a joint hands-on work trial, giving room for what I would call “pre-research” to my main future research on Music for Health – and that is to be trying out my working capabilities at Norrköping Kundalini Yoga Center. I will tell you the full story along…

Music For Health – The Article Series – A Non-Intro Status Report | #blog101 #Music4Health #Status 

Article in marinade. Material and input ready to digest. Separating signal from noise, and learning two things. Better every day. To cope with Silence. To find it. To enjoy it. Any time! Not just moments of the serene state. Forest kind of non-silence, I refer to. And. To listen. And listen deep. And listen deeper. Ad Infinitum! Good Night! Sleep well!

Kicking off #blog101 – Editorial Intentions |  #blog101 #MusicForHealth

Today, I start a challenge – the Blog 101 Project (Sept 1 to Dec 31, posting almost every day)! In order to find a pathway onwards when it comes to the vast area and field of ‘Music For Health’, I intend to write 101 featured postings, one way or another related to this theme. In order to find some kind of regularity, I have an idea to associate every respective weekday with a category of postings. The main focus is an intended article series, to be posted on Thursdays – mainly focusing to identify sub-themes and starting points, for further…

Green lighted – next up – write two synopses! | #blog101warmup #Music4Health

Yes, I had to turn to that friend to get the answer what plural form of ‘synopsis’ is. Two, I aim for, as said yesterday. And that friend will be even more needed for that process! What friend? Google, of course! Another great friend will be Wikipedia. And Wiktionary. Anyways, at a work-therapeutic meeting today, all ok to progress! Now, that next crucial step. Do! Tomorrow, two meetings, related. The ball is rolling! Working titles set. Sharping the mindmapping and outlining pen. Then write! Nothing dramatic. Just an emerging day labour in sight and intention, where my passion gets moderated,…

Fokus, Distraktioner och Det Viktiga | #blog366 #ProjectThursday

Click to view video. Mika leker med en träkula. Kasta prick. Jag bryter för det viktiga. Mika. Jag stod och processade önskelistan, som jag berättade om igår och i förrgår. En bildserie, från hela lilla händelseflödet. Alla bilder. Oredigerat. Ingen bild bortvald. De är där. Alla åtta. Filterlöst, äkta, naket. En nackdel. Det är tyst. Vad är en bildsekvens utan ljud? Träkulor låter när de kastas prick med. Ljud, musik, ljudlandskap. Och musikupplevelser. Högt på önskelistan, de är. Ni som såg smygtitten på hur långt önskelistan har kommit, vet redan. Bortom Kraftwerk, är Jean-Michel Jarre osedd, live. Oxygéne i mitt…

Torsdag — Ett liv i flow — Hur överleva, leva och berika sig i flödessamhället? — Medium | #blogg100 #blog366

https://medium.com/ett-liv-i-flow-hur-overleva-leva-och-berika-sig-i/torsdag-40e9420a2c3c#.5b6rz9na4 Vi har projektfokus. DND. Projekt komma till hälsa alla tre. Och. Projekt uncluttering vårt hem. Idag full kickoff för tvåan! Äntligen! “Det viktigaste med ett arbete är att börja.” – Platon “När beslutet är fattat är det genomförandet som gäller.” – Kamprad “Avslut är en ny början.” –  Abrahamsson, … nu : ))) Gonatt! Den 14 april 2016. Check!

News and Updates – Weekday Post Tagging

In my first version of my Personal Community Hub, I introduced the idea of focusing different aspects of my life on specific weekdays in respective postings, named after the weekday. The News and Updates will now be the general stream that collects these updates for the Monday to Thursday taggings: #MondayMacroscope On Mondays, here and there I will post general summaries, with a bit of holistic reflection, on what’s going on in my life at large – and sum up key statuses of things going on in all aspects – private, personal and professional, and some short comments on what…