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Today, I start a challenge – the Blog 101 Project (Sept 1 to Dec 31, posting almost every day)! In order to find a pathway onwards when it comes to the vast area and field of ‘Music For Health’, I intend to write 101 featured postings, one way or another related to this theme. In order to find some kind of regularity, I have an idea to associate every respective weekday with a category of postings.

The main focus is an intended article series, to be posted on Thursdays – mainly focusing to identify sub-themes and starting points, for further investigation and inquiry. This article series will be mainly focusing secondary references – and having a ‘popular science’ attitude in style and writing. All posted on #ProjectThursday – “Music For Health – The Article Series”.

But there is a deep personal account to be shared in this field, so on #IdentityTuesday I post “Music For Health – The Personal Experience”. I intend to share how my own health has been affected and impacted by music, embedded with some key and core musical references.

On Wednesdays, I want to focus som primary sourcing – Soundscapes in the Public Space, and peoples relation to the area and field in one way or another, maybe with some interviews. So, this is what is found from my own community of people and places – #CommunityWednesday, in short! “Music For Health – The Community Stories”.

Fridays and Sundays, I want to share some music as is/as such! Playlists and mixes will be the main format. On Fridays, the focus will be the energizing weekend uptempo in the name of #FridayFlow, while Sundays will be dominated by the meditative and down-tempo in the #SerenitySunday spirit. Some of the playlists and mixes will be intended to reflect the Soundtracking of my Life, with situational mixes and playlists used in various events of life – e. g. cleaning the toilet, chilling a summer parkday, packing for a journey or giving a companion when you wake up 3AM in the core of the empty, lonely solitude and nothingness. So – in a way, the Friday and Sunday musical sharings goes beyond the Music For Health. I would rather speak about Music For Life!

Following the holistic capturing of #MondayMacroscope, I will post Mondays on what to come and expect of the week. “Music For Health – Weekly Intentions”.

Since I want to post during the full period of Sept 1 to Dec 31, 101 postings equals six postings a week, almost exactly. So, Saturdays will be generally kept for the Stories of Life, in the general #SaturdayLove focus. Family sharings, in focus!

So, with that said – I will begin by warming up with two musical sharings, tomorrow, Friday, and on Sunday.

Welcome to this year’s #blog101 challenge, and my theme Music For Health!

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