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{this page is undergoing development – most are out of date – to be updated during April 2019}

This is the Personal Web Hub of Anders Abrahamsson. This means that everything note-worthy and bloggable in my life, all aspects, ends up here – with some streams from Tumblr  and Twitter added to the sidebar, working more closely as a lifestream. Together then, the postings with the feeds in the sidebar, make key parts and events in my lifestream at large.

I have been experimenting with blogging soon coming to fifteen years now (in 2003 I started a blog on Typepad). Given the nature of all my affiliated, and quite heterogenic interests, I have had a hard time to find a “blogging strategy” to reflect all my strands of activity. After alot of “fractioning”, dividing streams connected to different “brands” and “identities”, I decided some years ago to merge them all into “one”. So, here it is, in its latest incarnation.

In summary – “just me”.

[ below – of 2016 // soon – of 2017 ]

The #blog100 challenge – and defining the core of my publishing flows

I challenged myself some years ago with a “daily blogging challenge” – #blogg100, a Swedish community blogging challenge, with hundreds of participants all over Sweden by now – institutionalized to start on March 1 every year. Now it is rolling on its fifth round! Anyways, what came out from the first year was a core of “what was possible” to get out of me on a daily basis. The most minimalistic was just before midnight, to wade through the photo albums on my smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy Note IV here and now, for the geekier of you to know), and select one image capturing a moment worth resharing and reflecting, preferrably posted elsewhere on the social web from an event in life that day. With that, I added a short-poem formatted and inspired from the japanese minimalistic style of Haiku (to which I have liberated myself not to be orthodox towards its original definition and format, rather a free-form short poetry with the same rhythm and feel).

Blog365. During 2015, I decided to challenge myself with a #blog365 challenge, with the same content intention, daily (a challenge I undertook first time 2013, to end of year, and a while during 2014). Haiku free-form with a daily photo, that ran almost the entire year, but was broken by the challenges of life in September 25.

Blogg24. Another community initiative was the Xmas-oriented 24 postings 1st to 24th of December, taking place first time 2014. I joined 2015 with #blogg24, with the intention to finish an A to Ö challenge of creating new words and blog related to them.

Blogg29. I almost made it in time with the #blogg24 challenge (ended Dec 20), but finished during January with the latest postings, and flowed over to name them #blogg29, to represent the whole Swedish alphabet. I took a second round with the #blogg29 challenge during February 2016.

Blog 366. When I ended the blog365 challenge in September 25, I dropped the Daily Haiku journalling, and 2016 I was letting go of the old to see what was welcomed in the new. I started the yearly challenge again, with #blog366.

A small experiment with #blogg101 – maybe for the future in greater scale?

Beginning in September 2015, I sneaked out a little initiative, inspired by the #blogg100 that takes place in the Spring to Summer Season. With a lower key and ambition, it is just about tagging one posting whatever and wherever on the social web with a #blogg101 tag – may it be on your blog platform, on Instagram, a Facebook status update or a Tweet. With the only goal, 101 featured postings on the web before end of the year – no daily deadlines of 23.59, to lower stress levels. It gathered a core handful of followers.

Themes, projects, and categorizing in full

Within these initiatives aimed to kill the drying out of your virtual ink and slaying procrastination monsters, with my intention to integrate fully a habit of daily blogging for personal development reasons, I undertake more specific writing projects and/or writing in association with dedicated themes. The thematic postings could be community initiatives or solo defined.

One Health, Endless Music, Being Well. The current themes right now are dominated by my road to health and finding clues on this pathway, discoveries aligned to health issues in general – especially the two insights that the division of the mental/psychological and physical is fictional, and the deepening of the understanding of the impact music has on health all dimensions. In this field, I seek to investigate and research further, eventually finding a suitable “do” – as in japanese, “the way” – to turn my passions for music, health issues and writing into something that can count as “work”. Where I find we would do best to redefine the “work” concept and our economical systems to nurture our existence, rather than the organizations and structures that once were supposed to nurture us, and not the other way around.

I categorize my postings to capture as much as the six “Kipling Questions”“Where, why, what, how, when and who” together with the full meta data associated with every posting.

So, with that said – check back here for general updates of where my blogging takes me!

Mika and me, just some months away from his birth.


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