An opening note to reporting the Magic of the 2012 Projects

It’s #ProjectThursday!

2012, in general, has been a year when I professionally took the write-up of the ideas regards the Flow Society – piled together via my companionship with the Social Media Club Editorial Team – “down to earth”, and went “hyper-local” and “street level” with the focus of my deeds. And, with this, once more concluded, that face to face meetings and the conversation with smart and passionate people is truly fuelling insight breakthroughs. But even more – formulation breakthroughs! It’s all about communication, communication, communication!

The Spring to Summer focus was on a series of seminars, whereas the Autumn/Fall saw the development of a more focused lecture series of the more applied nature, mainly held in a center for accelerating and incubating company startups at Laxholmen, Norrköping (I will write more about this local initiative and concept separately). That took its crescendo in the end of November, when the last session was held – and now, with the business forming, I welcome my first dedicated long-term clients in the areas of services I offer.

Besides the projects in the name of the Flow Society, I also have been a part of developing further the DJ School – now extended also, to be a part of a wider arena also including other people in the area of VJing. We have named the new wider space of learning NEMCOM Arena. We will also try to add music production and event planning during 2013 to the broader scope of learnings.

I will spend some Thursdays ahead this month to report on the specifics of these projects.

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