Pi Day! | #RememberanceDay

But it is claimed that Tau is better and cooler. If so, let’s celebrate June 28 as well! That is [pi] times [2] ;). Whatever that would be in “numbers”. So! We all believe in the Circle of Life, don’t we? No matter what radius that circle has, right … ? Tau Day is two days beyond my birthday. Let’s blog about that, then. Maybe. Maybe not. That day will tell! — WARNING – HERE FOLLOWS PI’s FIRST 10K DIGITS. YOU MIGHT GET TRAPPED IN THE MEMORY PLAY OF REMEMBERING AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. BETTER MEDITATE ON WHAT IS HIDDEN…

Love, Forever! | #Mello2019 #ESC2019 #SWEDEN #WINNER

Congratulations, John Lundvik! Check my Insta for a picflow tribute (and an all too late night for Mika)! But it is NEVER EVER EVER TOO LATE FOR LOVE! Now, very late for me as well, though. Good Night!