Mythologie by Delerium (ALBUM) | #blog101 #Music4Health #WeekendChill

Today, we had a need for a Deep Recover. We focused on doing something close to nothing. On the New Release inbox, I discovered an album by Delerium. Forever in my heart is the Trance Classic Remix by DJ Tiësto of Delerium’s “Silence”, we gave it a play. Yes, chill, was the word! Not intended to be a full review, view it just as an album tip. Enjoy!


Equinox? Equality? Equation? | #blog101 #Music4Health #QuickShare

Today. Equinox. Approx same amount of Solar Light and Night Shadow. Easy to have a Jean-Michel Jarre relapse. His second album, Equinoxe. Included in today’s dayplaylist. Welcome, Autumn! Pondering on how to get space and room for the lines of writing on music for health emerging inside of me, to form themselves outside. It will come. Wikipedia rule applies. “No deadline”. Quality assurance, comes with that principle. I am highly sensitive for stress, just have to deal with it. Simple! Good night!


World? Peace? Day? | #blog101 #Music4Health #WorldPeaceDay

In one way or another, I have found peace. Disturbances, there are. But in the core, resilient, strong. A sense of peace. I see the building blocks of a deep proof in this – My Love Heroes, at home, and in my extended social first-degree social network, all lines and categories! In Community Spirit, we make a difference! But we must make the Hard Knock of Work: Beginning with ourselves. Separate Signal from Noise. Begin with Silence. If you can live with Silence and level up your Listening to full power, then you Make Space for the Force of Peace,…


Identity? Editorial? Flow? | #blog101 #Music4Health #HarvestMode #UchiTheCat

To Read. To Think. To Do! Life, made simple, how? — Today, as always, alot of stuff happens. Mika and I took a stroll on town and did some Love Waves, and I was making some observations and did some harvesting to prepare for a suitable, resilient, slow, calm and sustainable Work Trial. Alot of stuffz happening under the radar, now! Have Patience, Be Patient, Do Patiently, and all else will follow. Soon – clear text! Pics say beyond these words, as always. In the mean time. Life is what happens while you are making other plans, yes? A Lennon…


18SEP2016-ONYOURMIND?SUNDAY! | #blog101 #Music4Health #Playlist #Mind #Memory #SwedishMusic #ConsciousRap #Promoe #LooptroopRockers

Tags, and Categories, saying it all. Mehopes. Music givs infinitely beyond words. So. Listen! Enjoy!  In short – A high energy filler for a kickstart Monday!  Have a great week! That is what I intend to have! Family, Aikido and Music for life! Period. Good night!


The Day After #TheBeatlesPremiere – Healthy Music For The Weekend | #blog101 #Music4Health #Playlist

​ Presented, as is. The list is built on a principle. But that one, I leave up to you to discover! Quiz? And after some stormy two weeks or so in rear view mirror – I feel fine! No wonder that song got stuck in the head after the brilliant The Beatles documentary, short blogged yesterday.  Unmissable! With that said, good night!


The Beatles Documentary Eight Days a Week – Live Première | #blog101 #MusicForHealth #TheBeatles #PhotoStory

Tonight, I got a mindblowing experience from my beloved Karin as a 50 year anniversary gift! 1966. The year The Beatles stopped touring, created by Ron Howard. Gala BLUE carpet première from London tonight, on live link to the cinema Cnema in Norrköping. Some videoclip from my actual birthday, June 26, 2016, press conference in Hamburg, was featured in the movie. It was brilliant! Oscars? A bonus was a totally freshed up The Beatles at Shea Stadium in New York. Still have “I Feel Fine” as inner lullaby soundttack!  Thank you, Karin! ♡♡♡♡♡ Yoko Ono!

This Calling Began with My Daughter Singing “We Are The World” … | #blog101 #MyFamily #MikaTheHero #NadineTheHeroine #Music4Health #PhotoLog

… “We Are The Children” ! Truly! Good Night! (And the storytelling beginning last week continues another Tuesday.) Thank you Karin ♡♡♡♡♡ for capturing the Magic, Beautiful and Love-Worthy! A day of STRONG relief – at the visit with Dr Fernlund, the Heart Doctor – with a 70-30 something of keeping Mika’s pacemaker as-is! Deep breathing out of relief! Now. Sleep!