Revamps and Rewards | #blogg100 #doing

Click to view video. Our work-in-progress of revamping our home, aiming for a fresh place for Mika-one-year-party Saturday to come, continues.Today we focused on our kitchen! Cleaning out some mess, towards some kind of minimalism. Well done! Says Deshi as well … After the day of labour-of-love, we rewarded ourselves with a take-away combo of falafel/lager-kebab/coke on the balcony. And, summer it is! Mikalove as seen. As always! Now, calling it a day. Work, con’t, tomorrow. Good night!


These Days | #blogg100 #MikaTheHero

These days – thankful for every smile and laugh I can share with my Mika. Where the rest of my life will go is still very unwritten, but two things are crystal clear. I have meaning with my kids, my family, our little bubble of a world. I have meaning in love in its expressions as they manifest in the flow of my life. Thank you life, for giving me these!


Reading and Meditating | #blogg100 #SundayMeditation

I. I have identified a quest, a field of inquiry, a connection enforcing my drive. What impact does music have on health and well-being? II. Reading lists. They are there to never end. How overcome feelings of being overwhelmed? III. Here I sit, in a corner now designed for reading, reflecting, meditating. We have moved the Serenity Corner from one spot to another in our living room. The old spot is now filled with big green plants. Indoor garden. So, now: Plato once said, that the most important part of a work, is to begin. Reading a book. One book…