№ 4 – The Wisdom | #blogg24

As you see, I was asking Google Images if “s/he” could give me a search for the word ‘philosophy’ “translated” into English, tracing its etymology – always turning to my fav source Etymonline (my bold); “from Greek philosophia “love of knowledge, pursuit of wisdom; systematic investigation,” from philo- “loving” (see philo-) + sophia “knowledge, wisdom,” from sophis “wise, learned;” of unknown origin.” [1] And I specifically asked for ‘Love Wisdom’ WITHOUT returning those squarish witty one-liners that fill your social web flows. Every fkkn day! Was Google “wise enough” to return what I wanted? No. I end this little Sunday Rant with…


№ 3 – The Trilogy | #blogg24

One key artist and composer who really got me into electronica, is Jean-Michel Jarre. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend his concert in Stockholm in October, but I hope he will tour more ahead, watching him another time. For – now he got a reason. He just released his third album in the Oxygène trilogy – yesterday. He celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of his breakthrough album, Oxygène, from 1976. The idea of the third album is to take the minimalist, ambient style from 1976, to 2016 and play/record it with modern technology. The style is still there, recognizable and…

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№ 2 – The Core | #blogg24

Second of 24 postings, counting down to Christmas. The core. The things that defines you. The most important. I feel the core of me will provide itself as themes for some postings ahead, in this little blog challenge of #blogg24. Family.  My everything. I love you. Karin. Mika. Nadine. Soto. Uchi. Deshi. Aikido. An integrated life philosophy, not just a “martial art”. Ai – harmony. Ki – life energy. Do – the way. Practice, and you will learn. Be in the flow of AiKi, and you will find the way to it. Do. With the practice, I keep centered and…


№ 1 – The Challenge | #blogg24

I love blog challenges! And, starting from today, for the second year for me, I join a small blogger community in Sweden, blogging under the flag of #blogg24. Started three years ago, it seems to institutionalize itself this year! Posting from 1st to 24th of December, a Blogging Advent Calendar of sorts. Last year, I published with New Word Theme (neologisms, Swedish, alphabetical from A to Ö, broken flow, completed in January). This year, I just post with the format “№ XX – The NN”, what might be found, there and then. Reflecting and reviewing the past with a year coming…


Anders – Names Day – Mine – Today | #blog101 #AndersDay

A reflection of my name. The Anders’es on Google Images. Anders is derived from greek ‘man/human’. Sometimes, very hard to live up to. Wonder if these experience/d the same. Where, a rhyme, not intended, wondering, if they wonder’d: “What’s in a name?”. Happy Name’s Day, all Anders’es, wherever!


Mika 18 months! | #blog101 #MikaTheHero

Today, Mika turned 18 months. 1 point 5 years. 547 days. And growing! Here he is at our city library, again. We just love it. And hope, that he will grow on loving the temple of books and other media. The public sphere, with access to knowledge and stories of all kind. Here he showed some slices of his radiant charming personality. Playing peek-a-boo with some tween girls around 10yo. Making them laugh. Giggling himself. Before, we went to the first visit at the dentist, just an introductory small check, and general info. All things OK. After, we went to…


Getting Back To Music? | #blog101 #Music4Health #mixing

Just took a step back to My Element. I’ve been far away from mixing and DJ-ing for quite a while. I recorded three mixes just before Mika was born in May 2015, but was not satisfied with them – too distracted and anxious, knowing our unborn had a heart disease, and so focused on the up-and-coming delivery in Lund, Sweden. During my long rehab, focusing the mantra Daddy Family Together, and the basic rhythms of Sleep-N-Eat in our family, it has taken its time to get back to my beloved music life. I feel I am taking some steps back…


Anders Sporring – Friend, Brother-In-Spirit, Guardian Angel for Mika | #blog101 @AndersSporring

Anders Sporring has his birthday today – HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY! It is half an hour left of his b-day in this timezone, and it is time to enter our sleepzone. Anders, “Andy”, thanks for just being there. The rest is said in the title of this posting. Except one thing – I love you, Anders. Unconditionally <3.