1. A som i Arbete! (Work) | #Wishlist2017

Igår bloggade jag om en bloggutmaning, 29 önskningar. Nu kör vi! Önskning nummer ett.  Jag önskar att återfå förmåga till formellt arbete. Det finns ingen deadline på det. Att arbeta, till hundra procent av den arbetsförmåga jag då har, men kanske 25 eller max 50 procent i klassisk 40h per vecka-tänk. Där det senare tänket är på väg att kollapsa. Något nytt växer fram. Mer om det imorgon! Och mer om arbetet med att få tillbaka arbetsförmågan – senare under månadsutmaningen! Godnatt!

July 2017 – Wishlist! | #AllFine #AllWays

Intention: To list 29 wishes. Days: First to 29th of July. Focus: What’s important, listed alphabetically, A-Z, plus Swedish, Å, Ä, Ö. Language: It depends. Sometimes English, sometimes Swedish. Maybe both, when applied? Style: Short, clear, snappy and focused. Purpose: To keep on blogging – daily! – with meaning, fun and love, in mind, spirit, body and heart. We. Are. One! “It shall be fun to blog. Otherwise. Do not.” “Det ska va kul att blogga. Annars kan det kvitta!”

Michael Nyqvist – Rest In Peace | #MichaelNyqvist #RIP

Svenska: Michael Nyqvist på Akademibokhandeln City i Stockholm den 6 april 2013 i samband med att hans senaste bok “Dansa för oss” kommit ut. English: Michael Nyqvist at Akademibokhandeln City (“Academy Book Store”) in Stockholm 6th of April 2013 in conjunction with his latest book release “Dansa för oss” (“Dance for us”). Source: Wikimedia Commons – CC-BY-SA 3.0 – Frankie Fouganthin    

A Sense of Belonging – The Aikido Community | #CommunityWednesday #Aikido

Tonight I was, as usual on Wednesdays, at the Dojo and trained. Now, approaching bed, I check my Insta flow. I stumbled upon this! You find Aikido there, at right! Oh, this is nerdery. But what to expect? Yes, exactly! I am Aikido! We are spread over the world, and that is a strong feeling. In a sense, it becomes a universal language, similar to music. An understanding beyond words, a connection. And coming with the Radical Inclusiveness I experience with Aikido culture, I can really subscribe to the sentiment – “Aikido – the Art of Peace”! — (Source: linked…

Rest, Recover, Relove … | #Status

Repeat? A day off line, with frenetic focus on resatbilization and rest. Chill, now, plz … Beyond Aikido, with Mika still jumpy of his cold, with my Karin in deeeep cough cough, with Soto in frenetic reproduction wantings, I feel that it’s great to have Uchi and Deshi just being cool in all this frenzy. End of Storm. Now! Universe, you hear? GOOD. NIGHT!

Mika training with his new shoes! And Spring Première at Halvars Ice Cream!| #MikaTheHero #PhotoStory

Mika has some new shoes, Converse style. We were at the playground at Vasaparken today, and he took the opportunity to train walking with his new shoes. And it went great! Above a slideshow! Afterwards, we rewarded us with the true Norrköping Spring Première – Halvars Glass! Halvars Ice Cream! Delightful, as always. A nice day out! Spring is here! Hooray!