K as in Karin! | #Wishlist2017

My intention to place a wish daily, during the month of July, made a halt. For reasons? I dunno. Or, well. I know. Reasons, there are. Meaning, the deeper! With that said, I can only state one thing. Beyond the pause button was hit, life took turns of the unexpected. My love and Partner-For-Life-Whatever-The-FKK-HAPPENS – KARIN – has been hit with that shit. CANCER. BREAST CANCER. The full story, told by her self, in her own voice – is at her blog. And yes, it is in Swedish. Not a problem in these days. Just use Google Translate. Some short…

8. H som i Helger! (Weekends) | #Wishlist2017

Helger. Ja, helger! Vad önskar jag mig av dem? Först och främst – jag vill ha massa fler av dem framåt längs min livsväg! Jag vill spendera dem med min Karin, och om några jordvarv, då och då med både barn och sen kanske till och med barnbarn? Se min önskan gällande dagar! Och jag önskar dem lugna och sköna. Då ges utrymme för återhämtning och annat pyssel som inte får plats måndag till torsdag. Torsdag? Ja, vi vill ha weekendkänsla redan på fredagen! Som denna helg! I fredags, på ett lekspring på dryga fem km, fångade jag solens nedgång…

6. F as in Futures! | #Wishlist2017

Fifty years ago, exactly today, The Beatles released their 7″ single, “All you need is Love” in the UK. I wish their universal message gets to be understood and lived by, in the end the whole Family of Humanity. But, to reach there, begin with yourself. The song was tonight’s lullaby. Now, my turn to get to bed. Good Night!

Mika training with his new shoes! And Spring Première at Halvars Ice Cream!| #MikaTheHero #PhotoStory

Mika has some new shoes, Converse style. We were at the playground at Vasaparken today, and he took the opportunity to train walking with his new shoes. And it went great! Above a slideshow! Afterwards, we rewarded us with the true Norrköping Spring Première – Halvars Glass! Halvars Ice Cream! Delightful, as always. A nice day out! Spring is here! Hooray!