The New Headstone | #MikaTheAngel

Yesterday it came into place – our family headstone. I had a strong peak in sorrow pain today. Getting so manifested … We are satisfied with the stone. Pink/black/grey tiger stripey, made of what is called Hallandia. Two bronze birds – one looking down, one looking up. Minimalist text. ABRAHAMSSON. Mika.

Nadine At The Grave – With A Painted Mika Cat | #NadineTheHeroine #MikaTheAngel #GraveVisit

Today, after a day downtown, we wwnt to the grave. Nadine had got a cat you could paint yourself – and, yay! – what talent she has! Rainbow ears and green glitterish. So beautiful an well done! After putting the cat and lightning a candle in it, she made a smiley out of autumn leaves. Tomorrow, going home. A very nice weekend to have Nadine here! I love you so much!

Exposing yourself to reach acceptance? | #Grief #Process #MikaTheAngel

Went thru ALL photos taken with this cellphone today, from February and onwards. The last months with Mika passing by in two hours. A truly exhaustive experience. But my belief is that this is needed to eventually and hopefully reach the final and last phase of the grief process – acceptance. As visiting the grave, daily. And now coming to “mostly daily”. Today added with Japanese Maple Leafs. Feeling that the grief process is catching up on us in one heavy and core aspect – deep exhaustion. So. Boosting and healing! Running yesterday. Kundalini Yoga at the studio tonighr! All…

Health Care – Sorrow – Friends | #MikaTheAngel #Health #GraveVisit

We’re all humans, with all our imperfections, quirks, fallacies and beauty! ALL of us! We’re different, but we are equal in one dimension. All living beings carry an absolute value! So. It is so immensely unfair that Mika is gone. The one, LIVING this sentiment! He had no idea about “something different” beyond this. All were love. All are love. All is love! All else, is just “the dark side”, and nothing he ever experienced in full. He was bathing in an ocean of the infinity of The Love Force all thru his short life ‘here’. And now, he is…