Grass Is Growing! | #MikaTheAngel #GraveVisit

So great to see that the seeds of love flourish in green! A visit of a debriefing nature with Peter at the funeral bureau today. A good talk! He has been, and is, so great and warm-hearted. He said that taking care of Mika had made a far more and deeper impact than usual, that he will take with him for the rest of his life. Not a single day passing by without thinking of him! A rough night before, with some three hours sleep and insomnia comedy TV, now having greater hope of getting sleep here and now! Good…

Sunday – In Retrospective Remix … | #MikaTheAngel #SerenitySunday #VirtualVisit

Photo taken on Sunday, Sept 8. Virtual visit to the grave for two – one in place. Photo published, retrospectively. With a remix. Mika Style! You draw conclusions. If you carry ‘fact resistence’, mosey along. Look elsewhere. If you are ‘curious’ and interested in ‘fringe science’ with a ‘wide-open mind, heart, soul and spirit’ – feel warmly welcome! Love is all around, you see. Embrace! I love you, Mika. (In #TheOtherworld) I love you, Karin. (In Hedwigsborg, Grännäs, Valdemarsvik) I love you, Melanthie. (In Larnaca, Cyprus) And, I love me. (In North Graveyard, Norrköping) Love is the Hero! Love is…

A Day In Freedom – Or What To Say? | #DayFlow #Walking #MikaTheAngel

In summary. Saturday. Sept 7, 2019. Intention in Everyday Notes. Sky. Mika? Grave. Sunflowers. And more! Shadow. Profile. Grass. Prison. Closed. Open. For The Public. Me. Outside. Sky. Sun. Mika? Me. Inside. Sky! Stream. Dreams. Brochure. Program. At Prison. Events. Culture! A song. A cat. Home. Resting. Day end. Sharing a wall note from prison. How to fill a day with meaning. Without Mika here. But … There! Being with us, you are. Miss you like crazy. __ Note: Another backdated journalling note. Reaching same day-blogging … Very soon! Hai!

Day After Mika Memorial Pre-School – Flower, Grave Visit, Lunch and Karin To Valdemarsvik | #MikaTheAngel #FoodExperiences #Dayflow

6th of September, 2019. Another day with Mika in #TheOtherworld. Will never “get used to it”, but hope to “find a stable way to live with it”. I had forgot the bouquet of flowers that Mika’s beloved friend Ellen had for us at the pre-school memorial, so I went back early morning. Finding it at the shrine where the photo used to be, I could not find another thing to do, than to let it be! So beautiful. Then, the daily grave visit. Beyond, we spoilt us with a really nice lunch from an authentic and local café. Really great!…

Tomorrow – Sowing The Seeds Of Love | #MikaTheAngel #Love #AdInfinitum

We cleared the field today – for some green grass to grow. We fight every day – to get deep into our existence that he is not ‘here’, but ‘there’. And visiting this place – DAILY! – will help us out! I am off the hook until Jan 31, 2020, to have and be given space to do so. We all grieve in our own way. There is no manual for that. So, in order to find that ‘way’, still putting trust into ‘the system’ that we will get space for that! Formally. On sick leave. As intermittent worker, supporting…

Cleanup of the grave – first round | #MikaTheAngel #GriefYearOne #InProgress

Today, a new name came to me of our beloved one: #MikaTheAngel! He never wanted to be named a hero: “I am Mika!” – yes, humble and strong he was – and is! Our guardian angel is there, and talking to him every day when visiting his grave at our daily Zenith Walk. Summer officially over, and flowers in decay. They will spread grass seeds on Thursday morning, preparing for that. Life goes on. Fika in Serenity afterwards Aikido ended the night. Keeping my shite together. Still physically quite exhausted by the grieving work, but catching up. Mentally, in some…

A day of emotional hangover, relief and recovery | #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

Day after the Ceremony. We are so happy with the fantastic Love Bomb yesterday. It was magic! Thanks, once again! Bengt Johannisson attended breakfast, and followed us to the grave. Joined there, also Hanna, her daughter Luna and her mom Carina. Such beautiful flowers! Waving Bengt goodbye, then all afternoon on a speedy walkabout, making errands all over the place! Ending night with “Kristallen”, the Swedish counterpart to The Emmy Awards. With that said – good night!


All went beyond the envisioned, and we felt that Mika was truly happy and excited with the Ceremony. Restaurant beyond. And then reception at home for the closest circle. As said – THANK YOU ALL! NO ONE MENTIONED – NO ONE FORGOTTEN! Pics and vids incoming and getting collected. Full story to come! Now. Exhausted! Good Night!

Where The Remains Of Mika Will Land | #MikaTheHero #FamilyGrave #BEBEBE

  Here. August 29. 12.00. North Chapel. North Graveyard. Matteus Congregation. Norrköping. The World. Universe. #Thisworld. Invitation to #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye commencing in rounds, during the days to come. Announcement in Norrkpings Tidningar tomrrow. Love be with us. Mika be with us. Be with us. Be. Be! BE! WITH US!