Visiting The Grave With Hedwig and Jippii | #MikaTheAngel

Today we had a visit of my mother-in-law Hedwig, with her Eurasier dog Jippii. The grief was very very strong today, when we came together. The heavy dark cloud was very dense, and on our shoulders. Felt really really hard. But good thing to share tears, and somewhere mobilizing the slightest of hope that we will survive this – together. Thank you for a fine day, with shared feelings and a great dinner. Love will push us through. Life just has to go on – as the way the grass is growing on the grave. Strong!   Note: This posting…

Grass Is Growing! | #MikaTheAngel #GraveVisit

So great to see that the seeds of love flourish in green! A visit of a debriefing nature with Peter at the funeral bureau today. A good talk! He has been, and is, so great and warm-hearted. He said that taking care of Mika had made a far more and deeper impact than usual, that he will take with him for the rest of his life. Not a single day passing by without thinking of him! A rough night before, with some three hours sleep and insomnia comedy TV, now having greater hope of getting sleep here and now! Good…

A Day In Freedom – Or What To Say? | #DayFlow #Walking #MikaTheAngel

In summary. Saturday. Sept 7, 2019. Intention in Everyday Notes. Sky. Mika? Grave. Sunflowers. And more! Shadow. Profile. Grass. Prison. Closed. Open. For The Public. Me. Outside. Sky. Sun. Mika? Me. Inside. Sky! Stream. Dreams. Brochure. Program. At Prison. Events. Culture! A song. A cat. Home. Resting. Day end. Sharing a wall note from prison. How to fill a day with meaning. Without Mika here. But … There! Being with us, you are. Miss you like crazy. __ Note: Another backdated journalling note. Reaching same day-blogging … Very soon! Hai!

Cleanup of the grave – first round | #MikaTheAngel #GriefYearOne #InProgress

Today, a new name came to me of our beloved one: #MikaTheAngel! He never wanted to be named a hero: “I am Mika!” – yes, humble and strong he was – and is! Our guardian angel is there, and talking to him every day when visiting his grave at our daily Zenith Walk. Summer officially over, and flowers in decay. They will spread grass seeds on Thursday morning, preparing for that. Life goes on. Fika in Serenity afterwards Aikido ended the night. Keeping my shite together. Still physically quite exhausted by the grieving work, but catching up. Mentally, in some…

Grief Circle With Mika’s Other Home | #MikaLove

Today we met up with Mika’s circle of pre-school teachers, and yes, it was very very very tough, as expected. But, with the mutual love in between Mika’s “extra parents”, and him, it was both hard, and at the same time gave us the power to move on. We will prepare, many times, the coming months as it feels, for a challenge like this, meeting with everyone that Mika has given an impression upon. The #MikaLove Love Bomb Target! They will have a ceremonial and memorial service with his beloved friends, where I know they will be devastated! In his…

A day of changes | #Family

Today, we took a walk on town, and had a break at a hamburger restaurant. Mika was eating ketchup by straw! Then we got a call from the doctor since we wondered about why Mika gets many bruises. We were recommended to do a checkup at the hospital. We did so, and did some testing. Investigating further, and will share what is going on when we get definite results.

Karin The Achiever! | #AkroMom

She made the test for applying for Higher Education today – full day testing. What we in Sweden call ‘Högskoleprovet’! Victory Number One already won – SHE MADE IT! More victories ahead … Time to turn the tide! Yay! Me so fkkn proud of her! I love you, my DRRLING!!! Celebration, we had! With balloons! HOORAY!

Love, Forever! | #Mello2019 #ESC2019 #SWEDEN #WINNER

Congratulations, John Lundvik! Check my Insta for a picflow tribute (and an all too late night for Mika)! But it is NEVER EVER EVER TOO LATE FOR LOVE! Now, very late for me as well, though. Good Night!