Below the radar … playlists have been formed! | #DJAnders #aBreathing #aPulsation #music

Music, wherever you go … A mobile screendump from my Soundcloud profile, and playlists I’ve began to build in 2019 – in the name of three Artist Aliases! Link from images. #aBreathing – meditative, to get you in harmony … #aPulsation – beats to make you move, dance, or help you in your runner track … #DJAnders – expect whatever in the name of Joy of Life … Mixes and tunes. Mostly new, and some from way back – discoveries and earlier likes. Curated, selected and found – from a person whose first and last Love was and always will…

[BUMP] “aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] by NEMCOM | April 2012 – SoundCloud | #blog101 #GYMSession #Music4Health | #QUICKSHARE #STATUS

aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 by pomodoromixes #np on #SoundCloud

Music For Health – The Community Stories – An Intro | #blog101 #Music4Health #CommunityStories

Coming so far in the challenge, so good! From my own deeper personal experiences shared in confidence yesterday, this stream of writing, imaging and sounds relates to what comes directly from the communities I thrive and live by, with and in. The flow of everydayness, where the focus and filtering is kept to prioritize environments and events to enrich my understanding of what music does for health.   But how to define community? And what are the boundaries of a community? Hard to define, but I would say – community belonging marks a common interest, practice or denominator of some kind….

Onsdag – Wednesday – Gemenskapsdag | #blogg100 #CommunityWednesday

“Onsdag” @sliceonline Så ser det ut när jag delar direkt från skrivargemenskapen på Medium Punkt Com. This is how it looks when I share directly from the Writer’s Community at Medium Dot Com. Slut på meddelandet | End of message Godnatt | Good Night

Blogg 100 är en gemenskap … | #blogg100 #community #chaordic #flow

Mellan kaos och ordning är det mest förekommande i “naturen”. Kaordiskt! En gemenskap – som vi “blogg hundra-bloggare” – är ett tydligt exempel på detta. Slut på inlägget. Gonatt!

My comeback to the SMC Editorial Work

In an annual announcement from the Social Media Club Board of Directors, where I serve as Global Web Editor, I had a shout out – calling for editors. “The time has come. When I co-founded the SMC Editorial Team back in 2010, and then became the first member of the Board of Directors outside the US/Americas in 2012, I set out to leverage the bottom line of my writing – where I view the Internet to be the greatest force of Peace the world has seen so far. In this spirit, and in a joint learning process, we welcome contributions…

Bas och sväng | #blogg100

musik får livet // att bäras vidare // mot senare solnedgångar — FotoNot: #AfterWorkAndPlay är nu kulturinstitution i Norrköping. Tredje gången #NEMCOM arrangerar på Jolla Café och Choklad. Andra gången med detta konceptnamn. Vi firade Våfflans Dag. Tack till Hollstedt & Nordrup, Calle Slättengren för gäst-DJ-ande, resident livepainter Eva Cederwall och Gebro+Jolla för cafévärdskapet! Och publik som trotsade regn, kyla och Rapport och njöt en lönetisdag i vårt kära Norrköping! Nästa gång är 29 april!

Social Media Club – Global Initiatives 2013 – from ‘State of SMC’ Chapter Leadership Web Meeting | #CommunityWednesday

One of the slides screen-captured, from today’s ‘State of SMC’ Chapter Leadership Web Meeting. Today, I attended one of the three web meetings possible to pick for chapter leaders globally to attend, rolling out the plans we in the Global Board of Directors have been cooking since last year. In summary. Campaigning to get professional members and provide added value to get deeper into World’s Largest Not-For-Profit organization for social media professionals/enthusiasts. New website, migrating from the publishing-focused (Drupal) site, to a Community/Connection/Conversation-focused (WordPress MU/Buddypress) hub. It’s going to be Åsm (=awesome)! In general, improved infrastructure for organizing and management…