Anders Sporring 60 Years! Hooray Hooray Hooray Hooray! | #AndersSporring #Birthday #Retrospective

I was making a roundtrip to Stockholm to celebrate my brother from another mother, Anders “Andy” Sporring, turning 60 years! We went to his daughter Melissa with family in Värmdö, and celebrated with his closest friends and family as well – Mikael, Eric, Jenny and son-in-law with family, and grandchildren. A truly memorable event, ending very very late in the night, with Anders summarizing his life story – so far! I love you Andy!

Post-Event Afternoon In Sofa With Emoji Fun | #Photolog

Was at an open and free event on digitization of society today. Saving panel- and slide shots for future reference and a professional context. Work training, ongoing. Not so exhausted today, as earlier in this week. My long run Wednesday night seemingly did a great job on my way to recover! Still paying strong respect to my limited energy reserves due to the overly heavy grief work. Afternoon chat with beloved Karin, and daughter. This was my log to Karin. Yawning Emoji firsties for me! An evening in same space and place. Sofa Corner! TV. And ended with packing the…

The Sun Shone Today As Well | #Photolog

And so, it will, in an estimated five billion orbits around it, from where we are. Now, adding a full weekend of events, in need of special attention, where the balance in between experiencing and storytelling is explored in my slow pace during my Sorrow Work. Where delimitations comes natural, and are given respect. Thinking aloud – I have had an inner dialogue of writing up more stuff beyond this Lullaby Journalling, when coming to stuff I love to do – and then share! The “daytime” sharing. So, with the ethos of “doing stuff that brings me joy”, I am…

Health Care – Sorrow – Friends | #MikaTheAngel #Health #GraveVisit

We’re all humans, with all our imperfections, quirks, fallacies and beauty! ALL of us! We’re different, but we are equal in one dimension. All living beings carry an absolute value! So. It is so immensely unfair that Mika is gone. The one, LIVING this sentiment! He had no idea about “something different” beyond this. All were love. All are love. All is love! All else, is just “the dark side”, and nothing he ever experienced in full. He was bathing in an ocean of the infinity of The Love Force all thru his short life ‘here’. And now, he is…

Mika Memorial and Bye Bye – Open Air – Countdown! | #MikaMemorial #OpenAir

A screenshot from the countdown, added with some details! A week from now! Cerefie, who sang on the first memorial services, will return – this time with Arvid on cello, interpreting Laleh with five songs. And some pre-recorded mixes from all my five artist aliases, for an open air event in Lejongropen (“the Lion’s Pit”), Folkparken, Norrköping – next Sunday, at 3pm to 8pm!

Mika Memorial – Open Air! | #MikaMemorial #OpenAir

We are in the planning to have an Open Air event for those who could not attend the Memorial Services and Bye Bye Ceremony. It will be a publice event, and we had to apply to the local police force for a permit. That was handed over today, and here is the sketching on where and when that went with it as attach! When event final outline and practicalities are settled, and event published, I will write more! Sept 29. Sunday. 3pm to 8pm!   Note: This posting done in retrospect, due to a week with fever and cold.

A Day In Freedom – Or What To Say? | #DayFlow #Walking #MikaTheAngel

In summary. Saturday. Sept 7, 2019. Intention in Everyday Notes. Sky. Mika? Grave. Sunflowers. And more! Shadow. Profile. Grass. Prison. Closed. Open. For The Public. Me. Outside. Sky. Sun. Mika? Me. Inside. Sky! Stream. Dreams. Brochure. Program. At Prison. Events. Culture! A song. A cat. Home. Resting. Day end. Sharing a wall note from prison. How to fill a day with meaning. Without Mika here. But … There! Being with us, you are. Miss you like crazy. __ Note: Another backdated journalling note. Reaching same day-blogging … Very soon! Hai!

A day of emotional hangover, relief and recovery | #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

Day after the Ceremony. We are so happy with the fantastic Love Bomb yesterday. It was magic! Thanks, once again! Bengt Johannisson attended breakfast, and followed us to the grave. Joined there, also Hanna, her daughter Luna and her mom Carina. Such beautiful flowers! Waving Bengt goodbye, then all afternoon on a speedy walkabout, making errands all over the place! Ending night with “Kristallen”, the Swedish counterpart to The Emmy Awards. With that said – good night!

Monday – Worst Week Since It Happened … | #MikaGrief #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

The Ceremony on Thursday. All the big pieces in the puzzle are set. Now, checking guest lists tomorrow, to inform the Bureau! And the program went to print in Valdemarsvik, on courtesy of Hedwig, who has poured down her soul to it! A great piece of work! THANK YOU! I also spoke to Nadine twice, in the afternoon and in the evening, then also to mummy Senada. They arrive tomorrow late night, Nadine sleeps here, Senada at a hotel downtown. Thursday night they leave for Stockholm, before heading home to Eidsvoll in Norway. The Brain Poion of Cortisol is hammering…