“It’s about fkkn HUMAN RIGHTS, dude!” | #IntlWomensDay

Period. Enuff said. Now on to some domestic work (cat litter boxes to get new sand), then getting The Mika from preschool. All, at the same time as Karin is with Hanna and her little big baby Luna in Linköping for an All Grrl Power Day! A special thought to my daughter Nadine and her mom too! KEEP STRONG, ALL WOMEN OUT THERE! AND ALL MEN AT THEIR SIDES! YOU HEAR? __ Img src: Viber

Today! And all days! All ways! Ad Infinitum! | #LOVE

Valentine’s day. Valentindagen. Alla hjärtans dag. All heart’s day! Eight billion hearts. Human. Beyond that. On earth. In universe? Who knows? Some relations are more important than others. But there is only one love! Period.

A day in Stockholm City | #blog366 #Stockholm

Today we went to Stockholm City. A visit at a penstore, Pokemon hunt in Gamla Stan (Old City), and a visit to Kungsträdgården and Moderna Muséet  (Museum of Modern Art). In full sunshine! A great day! Some pics! Mika at the subway on our way in. At the pen store. Pen paradise! Bought a present to Hanna who has been taking care of our cats at home. At Lundabron, Söder, on our way to Gamla Stan. The City Hall in the background. View from Moderna Muséet. Some art! Pop art. Power Nap. This caught my eye! A fine day coming…

H as in Hobby | #blog26 #wishlist

Mika captured by Karin today, at a BBQ invited by our friend Hanna and meeting some of her friends. In these days, with Football Male European Championships, this might be appropriate, ha ha! But seriously, Mika loves balls and getting them into move. But he also loves music and dancing – moving in his own style. And banging on things! But whatever he chooses coming to what he loves to do, I wish he does it independently out and from his own heart. His own hobby, his own passion, his own style and expression! And not end up being a…

E as in Extra Birthdays | #blog26 #wishlist

Yesterday we had a visit from our dear friend Hanna Ericsson! And I got an Extra Birthday celebration! She had the intention to join us on the very day, Sunday, but couldn’t come. So there we were, celebrating Wednesday as an Extra Birthday! I got a present, Hyperbole and Half by Allie Brosh, an Internet Sensation. From the little I read so far – HILARIOUSLY GREAT! Thank you, Hanna! We have 365 (or 366 as this year) days per year – to just pick some and celebrate just the fact that someone is born, lives and means deeply so much…