Today! And all days! All ways! Ad Infinitum! | #LOVE

Valentine’s day. Valentindagen. Alla hjärtans dag. All heart’s day! Eight billion hearts. Human. Beyond that. On earth. In universe? Who knows? Some relations are more important than others. But there is only one love! Period.

My beloved’s brother Roland with family – Frisbee Golf Firsties | #blog366 #Family

Today we were having a special brekkie prep! Mika “reading” a wordbook. Fruits and berries! … also in our glass! So. Ready to meet and do … Roland learning me the drills of Frisbee Golf. Fun! And approved as a n00b / rookie. I felt that my aikido helped me in the game! Focus, moves, energy and so. I had one on Par. No 13, lucky number? The date of Karin’s b-day in January! And I was best once in one “hole”. But, I compete with myself, to be better. And having fun! Viktor, their son, with Mika. Roland’s wife…