My beloved’s brother Roland with family – Frisbee Golf Firsties | #blog366 #Family

Today we were having a special brekkie prep! Mika “reading” a wordbook. Fruits and berries!

… also in our glass! So. Ready to meet and do …

Roland learning me the drills of Frisbee Golf. Fun! And approved as a n00b / rookie. I felt that my aikido helped me in the game! Focus, moves, energy and so.

I had one on Par. No 13, lucky number? The date of Karin’s b-day in January! And I was best once in one “hole”. But, I compete with myself, to be better. And having fun!

Viktor, their son, with Mika. Roland’s wife Sara, with Therese, their faughter daughter (freudian writing there, letting it be, yes, she’s a fighter! – correction at 11am Monday … ) in the background. They live in Angered, in a house. Suburb to Gothenburg.

Mika in good care of Viktor!

And after that, a chilly Sunday (as in Sunday Chill, as in chilling a Sunday Night – not temperature … ha ha! Thx Karin ♡ / another 11am update/clarification) at home after they left!

Good night, and thanks for a great day, Roland, Sara, Viktor and Therese! ♡

You Are Family!

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