All went beyond the envisioned, and we felt that Mika was truly happy and excited with the Ceremony. Restaurant beyond. And then reception at home for the closest circle. As said – THANK YOU ALL! NO ONE MENTIONED – NO ONE FORGOTTEN! Pics and vids incoming and getting collected. Full story to come! Now. Exhausted! Good Night!

Today! And all days! All ways! Ad Infinitum! | #LOVE

Valentine’s day. Valentindagen. Alla hjärtans dag. All heart’s day! Eight billion hearts. Human. Beyond that. On earth. In universe? Who knows? Some relations are more important than others. But there is only one love! Period.

Karin and Anders – ten years! | #Family #Love

Today Karin and I celebrate ten years as a couple! We have had our ups and downs, challenges and joys, but first and foremost we have had each other! One peak moment in our relationship was of course seeing our son come to life, Mika. Soon three years ago! We also has seen Nadine grow up, now eleven years strong. We lost Karin’s father Hans 2010, and dear old cat Wendy 2012, and has seen our cats Uchi and Deshi arrive 2013, and Soto 2015. Sometimes lyricists grasps a feeling. I borrow some lines from Depeche Mode, from.Shake the Disease,…

Wintermuse – SoundCloud | #blogg100 #TheSundayMeditation

I. I am now listening now, to Wintermuse,  by Atomic Skunk – II. I hope R. Brodsky hear my calling (soon his? our?), To complete a four-part masterpiece, with three seasons to go … Now. Here. Spring. Soon. Here. Summer. Then. Here. Autumn. After that. Here. Winter. #WinterMuse. Then. Spring. Again. Get my point and flow of ideas, R. Brodsky :) ;) ? III. End Of Sunday Meditation. In Eternal Love. // : ) ♡ ~ ?>!

A Sort Of Coming Back

there is time // where is space // all has place —– but love, just is

#MikaTheHero – på stormsteg till hälsa!

Med en playlist sövs Mika. Efter återhämtningsrace! De senaste veckorna försvann detta bloggande. Inte så konstigt. Min intention att låta reflektera varje dag med en rubrik, en bild, en kortdikt med Haikustuk, ett par kategoriseringar och en tagg försvann. Detta sker ju i namnet av #blog365 – ett år, 365 inlägg. Fram tills pass september så fixade jag i stort sett varje dag att blogga samma dag innan midnatt samma dag – och alla gånger minsann till max dagen därpå innan 1300. Den tid som dygnet släpper jorden! Jag har en världsklocka kopplad till ön Midway vid datumgränsen så vet…