#MIKATHEANGEL – I <3 U 4EVAH | #MikaMix № 1 by #aBreathing - 10OCT2019

On May 28, 2015, at 10.19CEST, Mika Hans William Abrahamsson, came from ‘there’, to ‘here’, at Skåne University Hospital, Lund, the Maternal Clinic, Delivery Ward, Caesarean Operation Room. From #AnotherWorld, to #ThisWorld. On Aug 1, 2019, at 11.34CEST, he went from ‘here’ to ‘there’, at Vrinnevi Hospital Intensive Care Unit, Norrköping. From #ThisWorld to #TheOtherWorld. What happened in between ‘then’ and ‘now’, is not possible to grasp in a short mix description on this platform. Music that came to ‘me’ beyond Aug 1, 2019, and up until October 10, 2019, are now flown together in one story – hereby numbered…

Grass Is Growing! | #MikaTheAngel #GraveVisit

So great to see that the seeds of love flourish in green! A visit of a debriefing nature with Peter at the funeral bureau today. A good talk! He has been, and is, so great and warm-hearted. He said that taking care of Mika had made a far more and deeper impact than usual, that he will take with him for the rest of his life. Not a single day passing by without thinking of him! A rough night before, with some three hours sleep and insomnia comedy TV, now having greater hope of getting sleep here and now! Good…

To do’s to keep you going | #MikaTheHero #GriefWeek2 #KEEPKEEPKEEP

Night time here. After a day with stuff happening, the darkness and emptiness is like mental terror. Coping, coping, coping! Phonecalls. The child psychologist. Memorial Service and Funeral related stuff. Library to turn back his last loan and tell what happened to two of the key personell there at the desk. A state of shock, transferred every time. One other at our local grocery store talking about it. THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! We went to the Worker’s Museum, meeting a close friend who will take a central part of the musical part of the ceremony who were with…

Mika on a train | #MikaTheHero #blog31

Yesterday we were on a walkabout. We get out, and Mika decides where to go. He likes to hang around at the train station. So ww went there, and got out on a platform. The Stockholm – Norrköping regional train arrived, and the driver was kind enough to let Mika on board to let him sit on the driver’s seat! He was very curious and happy! Thank you driver for being so kind! A memory for life! And he loves trains now!

Three Images – One Love! | #PhotoStory #blog31

Day, beyond breakfast. A brilliant documentary. John Lennon: Imagine. Watch it! Beyond domestic services and fika, first event of the year. Gong Bath. Screen dump from my Insta Story. Try it! And last – but not least! Mika’s new outfit! A new pyjamas with motive from his fav kid TV show right now! More on that tomorrow on my Insta! Then, we had a TV Night, with happy Mika in bed in his new outfit. Good Night!

6. F as in Futures! | #Wishlist2017

Fifty years ago, exactly today, The Beatles released their 7″ single, “All you need is Love” in the UK. I wish their universal message gets to be understood and lived by, in the end the whole Family of Humanity. But, to reach there, begin with yourself. The song was tonight’s lullaby. Now, my turn to get to bed. Good Night!

Mika 18 months! | #blog101 #MikaTheHero

Today, Mika turned 18 months. 1 point 5 years. 547 days. And growing! Here he is at our city library, again. We just love it. And hope, that he will grow on loving the temple of books and other media. The public sphere, with access to knowledge and stories of all kind. Here he showed some slices of his radiant charming personality. Playing peek-a-boo with some tween girls around 10yo. Making them laugh. Giggling himself. Before, we went to the first visit at the dentist, just an introductory small check, and general info. All things OK. After, we went to…

Anders Sporring – Friend, Brother-In-Spirit, Guardian Angel for Mika | #blog101 @AndersSporring

Anders Sporring has his birthday today – HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY! It is half an hour left of his b-day in this timezone, and it is time to enter our sleepzone. Anders, “Andy”, thanks for just being there. The rest is said in the title of this posting. Except one thing – I love you, Anders. Unconditionally <3.