… and still – All Is Love! | #blog101 #family #picflow

While Little Jinder interpreted Freddie Wadling today on the Swedish  TV show ‘Så Mycket Bättre’, as a way to enforce and induce hope, love and joy … Mika. Love Hero. In Play! Captured by Karin ♡.

Lived In Solitude Today – Story Of Today Given Tomorrow | #blog366 #Status #SaturdayLove

Only me and the cats here, IRL, in our home today. But in distance, phonetalks with friends, conversations on stuff that really matters on FB webs, and chats with text, voice, images and video with family distributed, making solitude and ‘longiness’ (longing in loneliness) something manageable to carry! Longing for my full family to be in our house again! Mika and Mommy Karin back tomorrow, Nadine here next time Dec 29! I intend to blog on some findings I did today, for tomorrow, related to things that happenened Friday and that happens on Tuesday. And BTW … no TV today!…

Musical Memories | #blog101 #Music4Health #DayPlayList 

If I step into the flow to give you the full story of primary associations to all the tunes here, it would take too much of my writing energy and your reading focus. Where I guess it takes energy to focus, right? Well, straight to the point. Punch line. The tune ending this playlist, is in fact one of my first identified ‘musical memories’, where I remember artist and title of the song. Sliding back the timeline of my life, I was around seven years old or so, in 1974, and I tuned in to Radio Luxemburg on our kitchen…

Serene Sunday – Here Is Mika | #blog101 #SundaySerenity #PhotoLog

Mika, beyond 17 months (17months2days), discovering virtuaverse. The unlimited space of “the apps”. Meditative playfulness in constant learning. Here, photo archive at mommy’s tablet. In dark, there is light. Chill. All is fine. Take care. Candles, be lit. Be bright!

Mika’s Namesday | #blog101 #MikaTheHero 

Today, our calendar said that Mikael had namesday. Mika is shortform for Mikael, so that’s the deal. Namesday, today! It’s also World Heart Day – where we get happy to be reminded how strong he has been coming out, beyond the acute heart insufficiency state last year at these days, prior to his pacemaker operation Oct 7, and getting the full setup of meds he is on now some weeks beyond that.  We love you, Mika! And, oh yes. On today’s daymix radio we heard another “Micah” – Michael Jackson and Billie Jean. A good sountrack as any. Cool song,…