Mika’s Namesday | #blog101 #MikaTheHero 

Today, our calendar said that Mikael had namesday. Mika is shortform for Mikael, so that’s the deal. Namesday, today! It’s also World Heart Day – where we get happy to be reminded how strong he has been coming out, beyond the acute heart insufficiency state last year at these days, prior to his pacemaker operation Oct 7, and getting the full setup of meds he is on now some weeks beyond that. 

We love you, Mika!

And, oh yes. On today’s daymix radio we heard another “Micah” – Michael Jackson and Billie Jean. A good sountrack as any. Cool song, cool Mika!

Congratz to you, Mika! And, we are here for you. Always! 

Time to moonwalk to bedroom to join you with some sleep.

Good night!

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