Avicii – SOS | #SuicideZero

“Can you hear me? SOS Help me put my mind to rest” Tim, we miss you so damn much! So, OK. Here we are. We who live. I’ll do my part to make the world a better place for all! Especially high-grade introverts in focus of their beloved passions – like you! So infinitely sad that the structure named ‘the music industry’ literally ate you up. We need to start listen. Deeply. To all of us! And give that voice respect! Period.

Ingvar Kamprad – Rest In Peace | #RIP

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA in Haparanda, Sweden at the Midnight Ministerial Meet. (CC) Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications of Sweden/Sandra Baqirjazid. — I had the honour to meet you after lecturing att Växjö University, with Småländsk Fika at the School of Business and Economics. You wished me a personal good luck with a warm hand before going to Uganda in 2001. Thank you for contributing in so many dimensions! Build on, wherever you are, in peace and harmony! Your Legacy lives forever.

Hans Alfredson – Rest In Peace | #RIP

Hans Alfredson getting the  “lifetime achievement award” at the Swedish film gala / Honorary Guldbagge, 2013. His last public appearance. Source: Wikipedia. Personal notes on my relation to Hans will be interwoven in a story to come, of deep personal nature. In short: He was a strong comfort and lifeline in a strong sorrow work I went thru 1999-2000. I practice sharing personal and private stuff, so I guess I will share the full story, when space and energy allows. His death we felt coming, but it struck me very hard tonight. I love you, Hans! ♥️ May you carry…

Michael Nyqvist – Rest In Peace | #MichaelNyqvist #RIP

Svenska: Michael Nyqvist på Akademibokhandeln City i Stockholm den 6 april 2013 i samband med att hans senaste bok “Dansa för oss” kommit ut. English: Michael Nyqvist at Akademibokhandeln City (“Academy Book Store”) in Stockholm 6th of April 2013 in conjunction with his latest book release “Dansa för oss” (“Dance for us”). Source: Wikimedia Commons – CC-BY-SA 3.0 – Frankie Fouganthin