Mika Memorial and Bye Bye – Open Air – Countdown! | #MikaMemorial #OpenAir

A screenshot from the countdown, added with some details! A week from now! Cerefie, who sang on the first memorial services, will return – this time with Arvid on cello, interpreting Laleh with five songs. And some pre-recorded mixes from all my five artist aliases, for an open air event in Lejongropen (“the Lion’s Pit”), Folkparken, Norrköping – next Sunday, at 3pm to 8pm!

Mika Memorial – Open Air! | #MikaMemorial #OpenAir

We are in the planning to have an Open Air event for those who could not attend the Memorial Services and Bye Bye Ceremony. It will be a publice event, and we had to apply to the local police force for a permit. That was handed over today, and here is the sketching on where and when that went with it as attach! When event final outline and practicalities are settled, and event published, I will write more! Sept 29. Sunday. 3pm to 8pm!   Note: This posting done in retrospect, due to a week with fever and cold.

A Day In Freedom – Or What To Say? | #DayFlow #Walking #MikaTheAngel

In summary. Saturday. Sept 7, 2019. Intention in Everyday Notes. Sky. Mika? Grave. Sunflowers. And more! Shadow. Profile. Grass. Prison. Closed. Open. For The Public. Me. Outside. Sky. Sun. Mika? Me. Inside. Sky! Stream. Dreams. Brochure. Program. At Prison. Events. Culture! A song. A cat. Home. Resting. Day end. Sharing a wall note from prison. How to fill a day with meaning. Without Mika here. But … There! Being with us, you are. Miss you like crazy. __ Note: Another backdated journalling note. Reaching same day-blogging … Very soon! Hai!

How Not To Be Able To Blog In Full … | #MikaTheAngel #MikaMemorial #Preschool #TheMikaTree

This posting is back-dated. The date is only there to connect the content to the day and night (Swedish: ‘Dygn’), that the content of the posting is related to. I authored this as a lullaby posting the night after. 5th of September, 2019, we had a Mika Memorial at his pre-school. I am not at all mature to grasp the full of the event, since it was as hard as it could be. The magnitude of the feeling in a sense was stronger than on the Memorial one week before. The “main one”, with Mika’s remains going down the “feet…

Tomorrow – Sowing The Seeds Of Love | #MikaTheAngel #Love #AdInfinitum

We cleared the field today – for some green grass to grow. We fight every day – to get deep into our existence that he is not ‘here’, but ‘there’. And visiting this place – DAILY! – will help us out! I am off the hook until Jan 31, 2020, to have and be given space to do so. We all grieve in our own way. There is no manual for that. So, in order to find that ‘way’, still putting trust into ‘the system’ that we will get space for that! Formally. On sick leave. As intermittent worker, supporting…

A day of emotional hangover, relief and recovery | #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

Day after the Ceremony. We are so happy with the fantastic Love Bomb yesterday. It was magic! Thanks, once again! Bengt Johannisson attended breakfast, and followed us to the grave. Joined there, also Hanna, her daughter Luna and her mom Carina. Such beautiful flowers! Waving Bengt goodbye, then all afternoon on a speedy walkabout, making errands all over the place! Ending night with “Kristallen”, the Swedish counterpart to The Emmy Awards. With that said – good night!


All went beyond the envisioned, and we felt that Mika was truly happy and excited with the Ceremony. Restaurant beyond. And then reception at home for the closest circle. As said – THANK YOU ALL! NO ONE MENTIONED – NO ONE FORGOTTEN! Pics and vids incoming and getting collected. Full story to come! Now. Exhausted! Good Night!

Open Chest | #MikaTheHero #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

Last time seeing the remains of our beloved Mika. Nadine and Senada was with us. Will give special attention to all the stuff he got with him – later … All worth a separate story! Screamed my heart out. And Karin’s tears … Heartbreaking! And Nadine took the courage and power too. Senada in tears too, and in strong support to Nadine. The priest and the representative from the bureau did/had done an excellent job with the showing at S:t Olof Chapel. On our way out, Mika showed himself in profile among the clouds! Bye Bye Mika! See you tomorrow!…

Monday – Worst Week Since It Happened … | #MikaGrief #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

The Ceremony on Thursday. All the big pieces in the puzzle are set. Now, checking guest lists tomorrow, to inform the Bureau! And the program went to print in Valdemarsvik, on courtesy of Hedwig, who has poured down her soul to it! A great piece of work! THANK YOU! I also spoke to Nadine twice, in the afternoon and in the evening, then also to mummy Senada. They arrive tomorrow late night, Nadine sleeps here, Senada at a hotel downtown. Thursday night they leave for Stockholm, before heading home to Eidsvoll in Norway. The Brain Poion of Cortisol is hammering…

Sunday Sushi – Thank You Hanna And Erik! | #MikaMemorial #Countdown #Friends

True friendship lasts forever. Hanna and I met some two decades ago. Thinking about her alot after life took its turns, and his Erik and their kid, and not having direct contact for some years now. Showing up very fast by phone beyond Mika left us for #TheOtherworld. Now. Giving us home delivery food on demand these hectic preparation days! Sushi. Could live on that on a lone island, with my dearest beloved Karin for the rest of my life, methinks … Hai! Thank you Hanna and Erik! Ok. Now dealing with Night Pain and MikaMissing … See you when…