A Heart As The Bird Phoenix | #MikaTheAngel

When we had our Mika Memorial and Bye Bye the 29th of August, Grandma Hedwig ended the ceremony with a baloon rising up in the air, with signatures on a photo of Mika from all of us attending. The Funeral Bureau had two extra baloons, just in case, and we got one of them home. It has been high up in our living room ever since. The other day I wondered when the helium would leave enough for it to sink. It happened yesterday! Mika, we felt, played around with it for a while, up … down … aside … !

But today, it sorta gave up! Still, with Spirit! And this morning – it reflected the sun rays and created the Most Magic if Fires – captured by Karin!

Is it Mika and Universe telling us that from the Ashes of Sorrow, a Burning New Hope snd Life will Arise? Please, Let Be! Bird Phoenix, we feel you flying in our Living Room!

Love Is Burning!

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