Kulturnatten 2019 | #Photolog #Retrospective

One of those days of painful memories. Kulturnatten Norrköping – without Mika. We went out to have a meal at Trottoarbaren, Dynamo, Hallarna. Then, visited some friends at Företagsateljéerna, to see their works of art. I was out also, later in the night.

Meeting Pia | #Friends

Pia, Karin’s old friend, is in town in conjunction with a conference taking place in Linköping. We met her today and hanged at the event Cirkulärt at Hallarna, with clothes swap and other stuff in the name of a circular economy. Mika got four presents as well, soon coming to his birthday next week. He loved the cardigan she had made, with the tram warning sign! Thanks Pia!