The Big Profile Update 2019 – Day One | #ProfileUpdate2019

Did an overview of the project! Imaginable to be done/check within the coming month. A kinda sneak preview below …

March 2019 Soundcloud Playlists! | #aBreathing #aPulsation #DJAnders #PapaAbbie

Four artist aliases. Four main styles, vibes and feelings. Playlists, systematically added with tunage and mixes. All listened to! Go enjoy! Will fill these artist aliases with stories, together with separate profiling and virtual identification, during April 2019. Project: Profile Update 2019, starting tomorrow! A work which will be mainly soundtracked with music found, filling the April Playlists! And yes, by the way. Spotify is having weekly playlists. I will give my Spotify flow special attention, too, along the month to come. But start with a click on the image above, taking you to my Soundcloud profile!

“If This Ain’t Love, Nothing Matters …” | #LoveDeclaration #PapaAbbie #music

Instaclassic. No further comments. A Day in the name of ‘THAT’. WHAT? LOVE! It exploded at Stadium Arena today. Junior Achievement – the “Swedish Incarnation”. Regional Fair and Awards! Whoa! More happened this day. In the same spirit! But now, hit the Image and then hit yourself with the Love Bomb! YES!

Bas och sväng | #blogg100

musik får livet // att bäras vidare // mot senare solnedgångar — FotoNot: #AfterWorkAndPlay är nu kulturinstitution i Norrköping. Tredje gången #NEMCOM arrangerar på Jolla Café och Choklad. Andra gången med detta konceptnamn. Vi firade Våfflans Dag. Tack till Hollstedt & Nordrup, Calle Slättengren för gäst-DJ-ande, resident livepainter Eva Cederwall och Gebro+Jolla för cafévärdskapet! Och publik som trotsade regn, kyla och Rapport och njöt en lönetisdag i vårt kära Norrköping! Nästa gång är 29 april!