Below the radar … playlists have been formed! | #DJAnders #aBreathing #aPulsation #music

Music, wherever you go … A mobile screendump from my Soundcloud profile, and playlists I’ve began to build in 2019 – in the name of three Artist Aliases! Link from images. #aBreathing – meditative, to get you in harmony … #aPulsation – beats to make you move, dance, or help you in your runner track … #DJAnders – expect whatever in the name of Joy of Life … Mixes and tunes. Mostly new, and some from way back – discoveries and earlier likes. Curated, selected and found – from a person whose first and last Love was and always will…

Up and Down and Up and Down And Up … But After All – It’s Friday! | #blog101 #Curated #FridayFlow

Hi, there! Blogging, in times of narrow passages, gets lean and thin. Which trains me to get straight-to-the-point. Read the “meta-data”, read “in-between-the-lines”, read what’s not being shared and said. The space for me, blogging, gets down to almost zero. BUT – I keep my annual challenge, going – one blog post, every day! Towards blog 366 … Ok, sharing some fun and great from the week passing – as well as the loss of a poet and musician who left a very very very great mark in the history of music :*(. 1. xkcd always deliver – quirky humor!…

Music For The Weekend – Love Public Service! | #blog101 #playlist

Here is a list we follow. P3 is Swedish national radio, and here is their current playlist, which is updated weekly on Fridays. I like it because they are not so fixated with the “top 40” stuff like the commercial channels, which leads to a greater discovery range. Almost 8hrs of music, providing lots of stuff to get in the Shuffle mode. Enjoy!

Musical Therapy | #blog101 #Music4Health #MusicalTherapy

As I wrote about in the intro posting of “Music For Health – The Personal Experience”, I got literally lifted up from my ‘coma state’ after my collapse last year, by music. The tune is the first in a playlist I created later that summer, “Musical Therapy”. The list is filled with a lot of tracks for your healing purposes, so why not fill a Sunday Serenity Session with a random shuffle tune from this? More than 130 tunes, 16 hours of bliss!

To Wake Up in the Emptiness at 3AM in the Night | #blog101 #Music4Health #Playlist #SoundTracking #Life #Emptiness #Insomnia #3AM #Meditation

I present my second playlist in the name of Music for Health. Sunday Serenity and it is meditative in spirit. Situation, imagined: “To wake up in the Emptiness at 3AM in the Night”. One of these tunes I will write about on Tuesday in my first posting on “Music For Health – The Personal Experience”.  Enjoy!

To Chill A Sunny Afternoon in the Park | #Playlist #SoundTracking #Life #Chill #Summer #InThePark

As mentioned yesterday, in the #blog101 startup posting, I will deliver dedicated musical elements on Fridays and Sundays (also often embedded elements all other days). So, for soundtracking your life, I will e. g. present playlists and mixes intended to track specific life situations, in order to enjoy them more vividly and with power, appropriate. First out, is a dedicated playlist to enjoy any eventual bonus Summer day, with an hour of joyful summer reminders. I will name the lists according to this format – with “To …” in the beginning of the title of the playlists, and tagged when…