Nadine Here! | #NadineTheHeroine

First time since Mika Memorial and Bye Bye, Nadine spends the weekend here in her Norrköping Home. After a journey that began 0220AM, after a great afternoon in Oslo and some geeky shop visits, we just arrived! LOVELY to have you here, Nadine! Sleep on a bus was almost a no-go, so bed is calling in some very few moments!

Third Day At Pensionat Grankullavik | #Travel #Retrospective

A day of chill, visiting the windy beach. And then going back home! On my way home, I visited one of our former aikidokas, who moved to Kalmar to study. Nice to be home, and reunite with my Karin and the cats! Thank you, Thomas family for a great distraction in my hard sorrow work, to spend some really great days in Öland! If you want a great vacation, be sure to go to Pensionat Grankullavik in Northern Öland!

First Day At Pensionat Grankullavik | #Travel #Retrospective

Woke up with a nice view over the bay Grankullavik! In the afternoon we went out to Trollskogen, where we had a run. Nice surroundings! You also could see the lighthouse Långe Erik, Ölands Norra Udde. In the evening, the former owner stopped by, and we had a drink. Then, I realized something big! I have been here before! At a field school travel in my ninth grade at the age of 15, we were here with three classes from my high school! And in synch, my old class mate from that time, Anna, was visiting her mother, Ulla, who…

A Roundtrip | #NadineTheHeroine

On the last leg home. A regional train. Belated. Leaving Nadine in Oslo with her mom. A small bleeding from my heart of the missing. Healing will take place. All will be fine! Re:uniting, soon again, we are! THANK YOU for a great Winter Holiday, my darling! Home to warmth, love and harmony. Norrköping, here I come!

[BUMP] “aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] by NEMCOM | April 2012 – SoundCloud | #blog101 #GYMSession #Music4Health | #QUICKSHARE #STATUS

aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 by pomodoromixes #np on #SoundCloud

A day in Stockholm City | #blog366 #Stockholm

Today we went to Stockholm City. A visit at a penstore, Pokemon hunt in Gamla Stan (Old City), and a visit to Kungsträdgården and Moderna Muséet  (Museum of Modern Art). In full sunshine! A great day! Some pics! Mika at the subway on our way in. At the pen store. Pen paradise! Bought a present to Hanna who has been taking care of our cats at home. At Lundabron, Söder, on our way to Gamla Stan. The City Hall in the background. View from Moderna Muséet. Some art! Pop art. Power Nap. This caught my eye! A fine day coming…

Visiting Anders Sporring in Märsta | #blog366 #Friends

Today we visited Anders Sporring in Märsta. Long time no see! We had a great full day, and made a dinner together. A great reconnect with love and warmth. Anders is my brother from another mother, and Mika’s fadder. Hope to see you again soon! We love you!