Third Day At Pensionat Grankullavik | #Travel #Retrospective

A day of chill, visiting the windy beach. And then going back home! On my way home, I visited one of our former aikidokas, who moved to Kalmar to study. Nice to be home, and reunite with my Karin and the cats! Thank you, Thomas family for a great distraction in my hard sorrow work, to spend some really great days in Öland! If you want a great vacation, be sure to go to Pensionat Grankullavik in Northern Öland!

First Day At Pensionat Grankullavik | #Travel #Retrospective

Woke up with a nice view over the bay Grankullavik! In the afternoon we went out to Trollskogen, where we had a run. Nice surroundings! You also could see the lighthouse Långe Erik, Ölands Norra Udde. In the evening, the former owner stopped by, and we had a drink. Then, I realized something big! I have been here before! At a field school travel in my ninth grade at the age of 15, we were here with three classes from my high school! And in synch, my old class mate from that time, Anna, was visiting her mother, Ulla, who…