#SlamRadio – 217 – Slam (LIVE) – SoundCloud | #QuickShare #Running #Music

Listen to #SlamRadio – 217 – Slam (LIVE) by Slam #np on #SoundCloud

Project Back-To-Working-Life – and Sonic Vibrations for Health | #ProjectThursday #WorkTrial #GongMeditation

It is Thursday. For me, it leaves a review and reflection over current ongoing projects. For me, in focus, one thing. To get back my ability to be a stable bread-winner for my family, at the same time doing something with depth and meaning, contributing to the society at large. And now, I experience a joint hands-on work trial, giving room for what I would call “pre-research” to my main future research on Music for Health – and that is to be trying out my working capabilities at Norrköping Kundalini Yoga Center. I will tell you the full story along…

Blogg 100 – sixth year in general, fifth year for me! | #CommunityWednesday #blogg100

We are #blogg100 – the community of bloggers who take on the challenge to blog 100 postings a day, in one flow! I couldn’t resist taking part this year again :). After completing my self-defined challenge #blog366 last year – one posting, every day, during one year, I felt I needed a break from that tempo, and during February, my blogging frequency decreased. A break needed to find energy to also write about something beyond the most important I have – my family! Some important stuff has happened lately, regards my web presence. I have activated my dormant Instagram account again,…

[BUMP] aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 – SoundCloud | #blog366 #Music4Health #M4H

Soundcloud Template Share: Listen to aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 by pomodoromixes #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/pomodoromixes/abreathing-vs-dj-anders-pomodormixset001-epimagic-flow

Rest in peace, George … | #blog366

… and thank you for your music and voice. You soundtracked a big part of my youth. And you were very important for my Karin as well, here a piece from her vinyl archive. Ending my day with listening to “Heal The Pain” while reading a chapter in Handbook of Music and Emotion tonight, “Music for Health and Well-being”. Yes, music for health. But George’s heart in the end said ‘no’. Rest in peace, GM.

№ 2 – The Core | #blogg24

Second of 24 postings, counting down to Christmas. The core. The things that defines you. The most important. I feel the core of me will provide itself as themes for some postings ahead, in this little blog challenge of #blogg24. Family.  My everything. I love you. Karin. Mika. Nadine. Soto. Uchi. Deshi. Aikido. An integrated life philosophy, not just a “martial art”. Ai – harmony. Ki – life energy. Do – the way. Practice, and you will learn. Be in the flow of AiKi, and you will find the way to it. Do. With the practice, I keep centered and…

Day 17 in November, Anno Domini 2016 – Enigma New Album, Family Happenings and A Friend’s Birthday | #blog101 #FlowOfLife #Enigma #Family #Annukka

I – Enigmas new album I have praised Enigma as a key part of my musical journey, all categories defined. It stands in its own right as something to always fall back to, in moments of turmoil and passages of joy. In short – it just is. Music for (my!) health, in its very core! I stumbled upon their new single some month ago, connecting the circle some 25 years back, with the new Sadeness II – reflecting back to their breakthrough single Sadeness I, 1990, and taking it to a “now”. And tonight, being quite much offline and not…

Up and Down and Up and Down And Up … But After All – It’s Friday! | #blog101 #Curated #FridayFlow

Hi, there! Blogging, in times of narrow passages, gets lean and thin. Which trains me to get straight-to-the-point. Read the “meta-data”, read “in-between-the-lines”, read what’s not being shared and said. The space for me, blogging, gets down to almost zero. BUT – I keep my annual challenge, going – one blog post, every day! Towards blog 366 … Ok, sharing some fun and great from the week passing – as well as the loss of a poet and musician who left a very very very great mark in the history of music :*(. 1. xkcd always deliver – quirky humor!…

… and still – All Is Love! | #blog101 #family #picflow

While Little Jinder interpreted Freddie Wadling today on the Swedish  TV show ‘Så Mycket Bättre’, as a way to enforce and induce hope, love and joy … Mika. Love Hero. In Play! Captured by Karin ♡.

Intentions vs Realities | #blog101 #FlowOfLife #MondayMacroscope

In short: Get real. I have practiced the art of complicating it for myself all too long. Enough with that. What has been, and what to become, is only one way to relate to: What was, is not now. And what to become, you do. Yes. Do! IN PROCESS … is to boil down to one-and-one-only to solve the very hard equation to “find your element”, where I unify making a living that harmonizes with what’s important for me (to which you can read in my About Page), at the same time doing stuff that I have space and ability…