Post-Event Afternoon In Sofa With Emoji Fun | #Photolog

Was at an open and free event on digitization of society today. Saving panel- and slide shots for future reference and a professional context. Work training, ongoing.

Not so exhausted today, as earlier in this week. My long run Wednesday night seemingly did a great job on my way to recover! Still paying strong respect to my limited energy reserves due to the overly heavy grief work.

Afternoon chat with beloved Karin, and daughter. This was my log to Karin. Yawning Emoji firsties for me!

An evening in same space and place. Sofa Corner! TV.

And ended with packing the bag, for a roundtrip to Stockholm to celebrate my bro’ from another mo’ – Anders Sporring! – turning 60 years! Yay!

Better prepare by getting FULL sleep!


Good Night!

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