Jenny Kempe, one of our instructors, featured in Norrköpings Tidningar | #Aikido

Jenny Kempe is an instructor at my dojo, and she has been chosen to represent Sweden as one of two from here in World Martial Arts Masterships, taking place in Chungju, South Korea in Aug/Sep 2019. A total of some 20+ Aikidoka from all over the world will represent the art there. A great honour for Jenny and our club!

Mika Loves Emoji | #MikaTheHero

His last obsession is an Emoji Encyclopedia I got hold on at the February Annual Book Sale. This message I got today on my way to introduce Aikido to a group of students from my workplace (a secondary school, substitute teacher on call). I interpret it as a story with the message – “Good luck, daddy! Reach high!”. Thanks, Mika! All went fine!

Projects 2019 – part one | #projects

Today I start a series of blog posts digesting what I intend to accomplish in all walks of life for the rest of the year. Listing a line of projects, big and small, bold and safe. Personal – health and work First of all – health! Still, I am in process to get to full health. For the moment, I have 25 percent sickness degree, to which I will test if it’s possible to work at maximum 30 hours of 40 of the week. I continue to work as a Substitute Teacher at Fria Läroverken in Norrköping, but so far…

I graded tonight! I have now 2 kyu! | #aikido

After many years, I have now graded to 2 kyu in Aikido (Takemusu Aiki, Iwama Ryu). Last time I graded was in May 2010, so it was about time! So many other things has happened in my life, coming in between me and my aikido development. But, tonighg was the night! “You can be happy and proud!”, the grading committée chairman Leif Kinnersjö, chief instructor emeritus, 6 dan, said. And so I am! Behind me in the photo, I feel Morihei Ueshiba, a k a O’Sensei and Aikido founder, smiling. Thank you for giving me this way of life and…

Succession in our Aikido club | #Aikido

After many years of serving as a chairman of our Aikido and Judo club IF Dojo Norrköping, Leif Kinnersjö (6 Dan Aikido, practising Aikido since the seventies), decided to step down and hand over the leadership. And that is to Kimmo Osen, 4 Dan. Good luck, Kimmo! You’re a great spirit. And thank you, Leif! I know you will get back this Fall (Leif was injured when he was working with some stuff, and had an operation, now in rehab), just to train with us. It has been a sheer pleasure to take part of your vast knowledge and experience of…

Equal Opportunities | #CommunityWednesday #WomensDay

Today we take notice of all the women of the world. International Women’s Day. We still have a long way to go to get a society where Equal Opportunities exist, and where universal human rights are respected in practice. My contribution is to foster my kids, so they can carry the message and live the spirit – a work I do together with my beloved woman, Karin. Another sphere of influence is through my Aikido. In our club, right now, we have two active women. One more senior, who have been practicing Aikido since she was a little kid. And…

Mission | 31meditationer

Aikido. Meditation in Movement. Transcended as my Philosophy Of Life ages and eons ago. Here, and now, we are.  2017. The Year has started. For real. Kick Off, Play On! When balance challenged, getting grounded. When harmony distorted, getting back. When world and mind spins, snapping back. Hai!