When dropping out is moving in! | #31meditations

I joined the challenge 31 meditations (31 meditations in 1-31 January), due to its collective momentum in Sweden. I tried to find my own take on it. A stream-of-consciousness meditation, letting free an association stream of “m-words”.  Then, something happened. I was letting go. And this weekend, I got back to my ordinary routine, XXL, due to a lumbago. Gratitude. Yoga. Meditation. The #GYMSession! And the deep regular meditation on my Yantra mat really was out of this world! But! As with mantras, the content, flow and outcome of these meditations, in their full experiences, is profoundly non-bloggable! By nature!…

Minister | #31meditations

Today’s …mmmmmmmm… word (such a good sound to vibrate when meditation, came to be minister. Relevant these days when shift of power you-know-where takes place. No names mentioned! Taking inspiration from Meryl Streep at the Golden Globe Awards … I reflect on governance and power. In the end, nature is there, with the ultimate powers, striking back when humanity goes astray. Koyaanisqatsi – life out of balance (Hopi Indian word). There we sit, in our sofa. And through the window shines the sun, with its massive energy. Live in harmony and take care of that power, and so much will…

Monrovian | #31meditations

When defining the (blog) challenge of the month of January – 31 meditations in the interval of first to last of January – I went by my meditative intuition in itself on what and how to let it be (re)presented on my blog. And, while having this “meta-meditation”, out came to just let my stream-of-consciousness provide me with 32 words beginning with M. While the first third of these words made some sense in their flow, the eleventh marked a shift.  Out came “Monrovian”. Now, today, “what the heck is that”? Surprisingly enough (irony…), Wikipedia had the answer in length: Monrovia…

Mission | 31meditationer

Aikido. Meditation in Movement. Transcended as my Philosophy Of Life ages and eons ago. Here, and now, we are.  2017. The Year has started. For real. Kick Off, Play On! When balance challenged, getting grounded. When harmony distorted, getting back. When world and mind spins, snapping back. Hai!

Monetary | #31meditations

Uchi the cat in my lap. Love it is. Unconditional. Outside. Ice chilly. Warmth in heart. Lights are there. Always. My daughter ten orbits tomorrow. I am in peace. — shifting to Swedish — Jag är i frid. Med frid. Kommer fred. Med Nadine … The Heroine. Kommer frid och fred. Kärlekskraften är alltid runt om oss. Överallt. Jämt. Var i den. Nadine är i den. Jämt. Det är hårdvalutan. — shift to English — The Love Power Is the Hard Currency Be in it Nadine is in it Always Always Always .

Music | #31mediterar

Three years ago. VJ backdrop behind me when I had my last livegig as a DJ. A screenshot. The sword. The focus. The small against the big. David vs Goliath. Or making things simple, the cut of the Gordian Knot at the Tower of Babel? Agreeing on the Universal Language of Music? Beyond, we go. Star Wars mythology introduced tonight with Mika and Nadine. Ep IV. A New Hope. Yes.  Landed well! Star Wars Soundtrack. Echoing. Lullaby. Music is my core element.  Goodnight!