Music | #31mediterar

Three years ago.

VJ backdrop behind me when I had my last livegig as a DJ. A screenshot. The sword. The focus. The small against the big. David vs Goliath. Or making things simple, the cut of the Gordian Knot at the Tower of Babel? Agreeing on the Universal Language of Music?

Beyond, we go. Star Wars mythology introduced tonight with Mika and Nadine. Ep IV. A New Hope.


Landed well!

Star Wars Soundtrack. Echoing. Lullaby. Music is my core element. 



    1. I did not refer to me. I referred to “it” landed well. I refer oftenmost to stuff beyond myself. The Ego is an illusion anyways. What is real and for an eternity is the Quantum Force called Love. If you’ve vaporized your Ego Illusion, and getting back, this insight is profound, immovable, and understood. Thus, making it hard to transfer. As Insight, I mean. Be there to get it, M.

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