Equal Opportunities | #CommunityWednesday #WomensDay

Today we take notice of all the women of the world. International Women’s Day. We still have a long way to go to get a society where Equal Opportunities exist, and where universal human rights are respected in practice. My contribution is to foster my kids, so they can carry the message and live the spirit – a work I do together with my beloved woman, Karin.

Another sphere of influence is through my Aikido. In our club, right now, we have two active women. One more senior, who have been practicing Aikido since she was a little kid. And one more junior, who have been practicing Aikido just about a year or so. In building character and practicing self defence, you have a very special way to meet oppression and attacks in the physical, which also transforms into your social. Never meeting force with force, instead letting the negative energy coming your way just pass by. You become stable in your core, and with that pride, you can take the courage to stand up for your values in everyday life.

To all women out there – Keep Strong!

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