Recording Pomodoro Mixes At Coffice | #Music #aBreathing #aFlow #aPulsation #Retrospective

As a means to point to a future direction, I was having a try-out, to record three 25-minute mixes at place in Coffice, Norrköping. A music-for-productivity concept, where you take tasks and divide them into expected 25 minute chunks, time-boxing, and let the music set tempo, focus and energy to your working. Three modes and energies, represented by three out of five artist aliases – #aBreathing (chill/ambient), #aFlow (lounge/deep/dub) and #aPulsation (driving beats/techno). To be published in time!

Revisiting Strykbrädan and Coffice NKPG | #Norrköping

After many years away, I paid a visit to the co-working space Coffice at the business hub of Strykbrädan at Laxholmen. Many changes! Good vibes! Met some old contacts and so. I was the first “Cofficer” back in the days. Years passing by! I also paid a visit to the new co-working space DoSpace! Very nice vibes there too!