Pomodoro Mix Set Published – Featured On Pod Channel Norrtull Radio | #aBreathing #aFlow #aPulsation

I got featured with a mix on the Pod station Norrtull Radio, linked from image.

Pomodoro Mix Set – NOV 2019 by #aBreathing / #aFlow / #aPulsation.

A Pomodoro Mix is a mix of 25 minutes, supporting a work focus method called the Pomodoro Technique. Pick one task, and accomplish that in 25 minutes.‌ Read more at https://francescocirillo.com/pages/pomodoro-technique.
Here is a mix with three separate Pomodoro Mixes mixed with a short pause in between. Work – listen to one – take a break of five minutes by hitting the pause button after every mix!

The mix can be used in other contexts too, of course. Meditate. Walk. Run. Gym. Dance!

The mixes come from three of artist aliases of mine found at http://soundcloud.com/DJAnders – #aBreathing, #aFlow and #aPulsation.

The three mixes are available separately at my Soundcloud account.

Tracklist is found on the mix info.

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