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Equal Opportunities | #CommunityWednesday #WomensDay

Today we take notice of all the women of the world. International Women’s Day. We still have a long way to go to get a society where Equal Opportunities exist, and where universal human rights are respected in practice. My contribution is to foster my kids, so they can carry the message and live the spirit – a work I do together with my beloved woman, Karin. Another sphere of influence is through my Aikido. In our club, right now, we have two active women. One more senior, who have been practicing Aikido since she was a little kid. And…

Hope For Humanity – For Certain, There Is | #SaturdayLove #Poem

Things? They happen for a reason. Meaning? It can be found in any event. Sometimes in the instant. When not, Coming With the movement of nights and days. Rolling. Spinning. Feel! Move around, Breathe what you can Of the air of hope. If you listen Beyond what is heard Surprises emerge. Welcome worlds of the blissful. Expect nothing But the warm rain of comfort. Stand tall, Stretch out your arms. Look above. Feel the force, Running through your veins. Get grounded, Stay grounded. You are!

Project Back-To-Working-Life – and Sonic Vibrations for Health | #ProjectThursday #WorkTrial #GongMeditation

It is Thursday. For me, it leaves a review and reflection over current ongoing projects. For me, in focus, one thing. To get back my ability to be a stable bread-winner for my family, at the same time doing something with depth and meaning, contributing to the society at large. And now, I experience a joint hands-on work trial, giving room for what I would call “pre-research” to my main future research on Music for Health – and that is to be trying out my working capabilities at Norrköping Kundalini Yoga Center. I will tell you the full story along…

Blogg 100 – sixth year in general, fifth year for me! | #CommunityWednesday #blogg100

We are #blogg100 – the community of bloggers who take on the challenge to blog 100 postings a day, in one flow! I couldn’t resist taking part this year again :). After completing my self-defined challenge #blog366 last year – one posting, every day, during one year, I felt I needed a break from that tempo, and during February, my blogging frequency decreased. A break needed to find energy to also write about something beyond the most important I have – my family! Some important stuff has happened lately, regards my web presence. I have activated my dormant Instagram account again,…