The Big Profile Update Project – April 2019 Focus! | #ProfileUpdate2019

Things happen all the time. Good thing some stuff remains as-we-can-experience-as … “STATIC”. For me, this experienced “CONSTANT” is – as you might know by now, if you’ve followed me through the years:





Fifty years ago today, a Bed-In For Peace was taking place. Yoko Ono. John Ono Lennon. In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Our World.

In the same spirit – here we are.

Mika. Nadine. Me. And my beloved Karin behind the camera. In our sofa, at Sandgatan 12B, Norrköping, Sweden, Our World.

Not at all with the same magnitude of “followers”. Far from that “reach”. Much lesser degree of “influence”. But at the same time – we do what we can in order to make a change! From where we are. From where we stand. From where we move. From where we … rest! Yes!

This image was taken during the recent Winter Holiday, in February 2019. My daughter on a not-so-often-coming-here Holiday Visit. Mika, chill with a window to the whole world at his hands. And me, on Digital Detox – looking at the Bigger Screen. Behind – the Hokusai Classic Kanagawa Wave, and another Japanese Poster Art. A little loudspeaker. Artificial Light. What else is there to see? To feel? Your Story, dear reader and viewer!

In the process of my rehabilitation beyond the Big Collapse (now coming to four years ago), I have reached far. And now, the time has come to let all the changes happening to be reflected on the “Social Web”. My outlets. My services used. My virtual profiling!

This will be done during April 2019. No stress. Just chill!

One or two updates/stories shared when life in general allows. A project without a definite deadline, since it can be done indefinitely. But the MAJOR things I hope to be there – updated by the end of April! That’s my target! So – help me out with a wish that it will happen. OK?

As for now – as said. Watch This Space!

Peace prevails. Love expands. Harmony is there. Understanding, we strive for!

Why not through a daily Sofa-In?

Thank you for your attention!

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