Green lighted – next up – write two synopses! | #blog101warmup #Music4Health

Yes, I had to turn to that friend to get the answer what plural form of ‘synopsis’ is. Two, I aim for, as said yesterday. And that friend will be even more needed for that process! What friend? Google, of course! Another great friend will be Wikipedia. And Wiktionary.

Anyways, at a work-therapeutic meeting today, all ok to progress!

Now, that next crucial step. Do!

Tomorrow, two meetings, related. The ball is rolling!

Working titles set. Sharping the mindmapping and outlining pen. Then write!

Nothing dramatic. Just an emerging day labour in sight and intention, where my passion gets moderated, and I work in balanced harmony. With meaning and in my flow! Researching questions that matter, where I’ve found two msin topics within the field ‘music for health and well-being’.

But what will end up among my 101 featured blog posts during the blog challenge #blog101 staring Sept 1, still seeks an answer, to end up in an editorial calendar.

Sleeping on the case!

Mind at peace. This is it. That’s the most important to keep in mind.


Keeping – calm!

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