[BUMP] aBreathing vs DJ Anders | Pomodoro Mix Set 001 – Epimagic Flow [Live@KnasterS01E03] | April 2012 – SoundCloud | #blog366 #Music4Health #M4H

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Just Write – The Writer’s Block Before Blog101 on Music4Health | #blog366 #blog101warmup #Music4Health

I have some writer’s block at the moment, warming up for my self-defined #blog101 challenge. 101 postings relating to the same focus field – Music For Health (#Music4Health). Where to begin? A night’s sleep, to come – to handle that background processing. Anyways – feeling hope! Every little thing, is gonna be allright!

Green lighted – next up – write two synopses! | #blog101warmup #Music4Health

Yes, I had to turn to that friend to get the answer what plural form of ‘synopsis’ is. Two, I aim for, as said yesterday. And that friend will be even more needed for that process! What friend? Google, of course! Another great friend will be Wikipedia. And Wiktionary. Anyways, at a work-therapeutic meeting today, all ok to progress! Now, that next crucial step. Do! Tomorrow, two meetings, related. The ball is rolling! Working titles set. Sharping the mindmapping and outlining pen. Then write! Nothing dramatic. Just an emerging day labour in sight and intention, where my passion gets moderated,…

101 – what? Sorting out and filter … ing! | #blog366 #PhotoStory

Handbook of Music and Emotion. A cornerstone for further explorative searches, on what to deliver and get leverage with in my creative writing process on Music For Health, beginning 1st of September, 2016. I have identified two focuses, to which I still need to narrow down and write synopsis on, respectively. Both have been tested in the ‘How’ aspect. Are they researchable? The answer is a sounding Yes! So – level up, we will! Now, leaving the University Library across the street, and returning home. Work Trial, this is. But, not formalized, yet. Emergence! Done! Soon!

At 11:01, Preparing For #blog101, starting Sep 1. Photolog: ‘Moments In Love’ | #blog366 #photolog

I. Startscreen. Iterations since “going Android” since years back, as fluid and dynamic as life in itself. Here, and now. Brands of Apps, as undisclosed as possible. Background, kids and me, in tricolor. Reflections of priorities, lockscreen in front nofilter, startscreen about logging for baby and running. Contact Prio one my ICE – IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. KARIN. Capturing shortlinks to dedicated notebooks – The Family. The Journal. Photo notetaking. And text. Communication – Purple app, my daughter Nadine. Blue apps, yhe closest circle, in general. Phone and short messages. Chatting. The omnipresent web browser. The photo gallery.And controls of…

101 (number) – Wikipedia Article | Blog101 Warmup (Sep 1-Dec 31, 2016) | My Blog Challenge Thematic Filtering? #m4h / #music4health !!! — End Of Subject Line : ))) | #blog366

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/101_%28number%29?wprov=sfla1 Photo, just, taken. For the Commons!