Just Write – The Writer’s Block Before Blog101 on Music4Health | #blog366 #blog101warmup #Music4Health

I have some writer’s block at the moment, warming up for my self-defined #blog101 challenge. 101 postings relating to the same focus field – Music For Health (#Music4Health). Where to begin?

A night’s sleep, to come – to handle that background processing.

Anyways – feeling hope! Every little thing, is gonna be allright!


  1. Just do it. In a journal. Read a lot looking for recurrent ideas in a book that is not modern but ancient from the library and make notes on the ideas that are your take away’s and are recurrent; the ideas by the author are recurrent for a reason. But that’s a whole other class. Just do it is the right way to write. And second write on your first day for five minutes. And even before you write go wake up and do your day and run and play with Mika and have a whole day doing everything but writing. Later when you are alone the writing will come as you have lived that day and have a lot to experience. You fill your writing with the experience and connect the dots of the ideas of random readings and off to writer prodigy.

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