At 11:01, Preparing For #blog101, starting Sep 1. Photolog: ‘Moments In Love’ | #blog366 #photolog


Startscreen. Iterations since “going Android” since years back, as fluid and dynamic as life in itself. Here, and now. Brands of Apps, as undisclosed as possible. Background, kids and me, in tricolor. Reflections of priorities, lockscreen in front nofilter, startscreen about logging for baby and running. Contact Prio one my ICE – IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. KARIN. Capturing shortlinks to dedicated notebooks – The Family. The Journal. Photo notetaking. And text. Communication – Purple app, my daughter Nadine. Blue apps, yhe closest circle, in general. Phone and short messages. Chatting. The omnipresent web browser. The photo gallery.And controls of machinery. 

And timestamp/datemarker. 11:01. 10 hours after 101! 

Nerdy, yes. Geeky, even more! Thinking: what to do with 101 postings and loggings at the web? Web-logs*?

*A k a “blogs”


Some moments beyond Screen Capure – Mika and Soto, interacting, learning. Moments In Love!


Selfie from same Journalling photo app. Bad at bad light conditions. Here: serves a purpose. No filter, no edits, just as-is.

As it was!


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