Mika does NOT have leukemia! | #MikaTheHero

Time to go fully public with Mika’s situation. One suspicion from his low blood values was leukemia, so he has been at Dept. B53 BOND at H R H Crown Princess Victoria’s Children Hospital in Linköping, where e. g. cancer sick children are investigated and treated. After his bone marrow sample was analyzed at Karolinska in Stockholm, lekuemia has been RULED OUT! Phew! So investigation continues. Anyways, we will spend the weekend at home, so going home tomorrow! Photo by Karin.

A day of changes | #Family

Today, we took a walk on town, and had a break at a hamburger restaurant. Mika was eating ketchup by straw! Then we got a call from the doctor since we wondered about why Mika gets many bruises. We were recommended to do a checkup at the hospital. We did so, and did some testing. Investigating further, and will share what is going on when we get definite results.

Visiting my bro’ Anders beyond his brain surgery! | #AndersSporring

Anders has undergone getting a probe in his brain, a so-called DBS – deep brain stimulation. It is there to strongly inhibit or even stop his essential tremor and hopefully also some of his Parkinson shakings. A new life in the loop for Andy! He is surprisingly ok after going through such a thing! The operation took place in Karolinska Hospital, Neurophysiological Dept, this Wednesday, and he is on convalescence until next week! So happy for you, bro’! What an upgrade! Andy, v. 8.0 – The Bionic Man, now with TWO Pacemakers! How cool is that? And the new one…