Today: Rest & Recovery | #Photostory

TV. Some admin. Outside twice, only around the corner for essential groceries. Burnt out by sorrow, refuelling. Got Memory Book from #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye and some confirmations on gifts to Blood Cancer Funds for research on Aplastic Anemia. Crying our hearts out!

Programs watched – learning (brain on social, menstruation health and ups/downs with 5G), drama comedy (aussie health care, rural and urban), trailers on public service programs this fall (many goodies to come!), talk show, and news, news and news.

Now: watching dreamscape in the dark behind eyelids!

Tomorrow? Intent, Goal and Target: DAYTIME BLOGGING WITH PRODUCT SHARED! Blogged when done! Intentions give energy to outcome! The more defined the goal, the better way to find the means! Energy wisely used! Love Power Fuelling! New Days, New Ways!

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