L as in Loved Ones | #blog26 #wishlist

Let’s start off with some here-and-now pics. We are in Valdemarsvik for the weekend, arrived today with the full family, cats included. What we do and what happens – follow Karin on Instagram (@akrogirl)! I am sitting on the second floor of Karin’s mum’s lovely house. The Tablet shines. I have a little remote keyboard connected to it. Mindmapped where to take this posting. Directions. Loved ones! Yes. Family! But, before that – let’s make a little historical odyssey. All You Need Is Love – “it was 49 years ago today” Sgt. Pepper told the band to play! And, they…

Hedwig Birthday at Grännäs Valdemarsvik | #blogg100 #Hedwig

We celebrated Hedwigs birthday at her home, eating cake and a very good dinner at her place, “Hedwigsborg”. Afterwards we enjoyed the early summer at the little beach in Grännäs with all in good restful spirit – Mika, Jippii the Eurasier, Karin, Hedwig, me. Thank you for a wonderful day!