M as in Music For Health Research | #blog26 #wishlist

I was by the finding of the moment stumbling upon a music cassette in the collections of my mother-in-law. Ralph Lundsten, Mindscape Music. Ralph has made music that has been used as treatment in psychiatric wards in the UK. I will let the full story evolve regards Mindscape Music when I’ve heard this piece of music and researching its history. And this is exactly my wish. That I can get room, space, energy, health and place to find my little corner of the Big Verse named Music For Health, to research! Then I can dig deeper, in e. g. the music found tonight, and harmonize that task and mission with my prio one in life – my family.

As a sneak preview – in Swedish – you can read the dream and mission of Lundsten’s music in general, and the purpose of this piece in specific.

Music For Health. My mantra.


UPDATE: Clarified with affirmation distinction in the title of the posting!

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