N as in Norrköping – Stadsloppet 10 km | #blog26 #wishlist


I love my home town. It’s beautiful. The old meeting the new. The hard meeting the soft. The rough meeting the polished. These contrasts. #Norrköping, here captured by Karin The @akrogirl on Instagram! Reflecting the beautiful and lovely, as she always does in her streams.

I wish my town to be the greatest version of itself, it can be. I will not list the specifics, because that takes a wishlist A to Z in itself! There is still alot of development potentials in this town. Goes beyond this posting.


When the town really comes together and lifts itself up, it is when “everybody” hits the street at its street festival, Augustifesten! This year, August 17-21. And, a great part of this party is Stadsloppet! For kids and youth 1.7 km, for the rest 5 or 10 km.


I participated in 2014, and I loved it! Still my personal record on 10 km from this run, around 50 minutes. I wish I get the means to participate this year!

That’s enough for a very specific wish, isn’t it?


Source: http://www.norrkopingsstadslopp.se

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