Father’s Day 2016 – Love Is – We Are | #blog101 #Love #Family

Father’s Day, 2016. Love is. We are.  #MikaTheHero ♡ And on phone tonight, in a physical distance, but not in spirit – #NadineTheHeroine. ♡. Always around – #SotoTheCat #UchiTheCat #DeshiTheCat ♡. I LOVE YOU beyond the universe, in a place, beyond space and time.  The Love Force – from where we came, in what we feel, from what we fuel, to where we go. We haz it! A bond, by this Force, unbreakable! Period. — Photo by Karin #AkroMom @akrogirl ♡

Lived In Solitude Today – Story Of Today Given Tomorrow | #blog366 #Status #SaturdayLove

Only me and the cats here, IRL, in our home today. But in distance, phonetalks with friends, conversations on stuff that really matters on FB webs, and chats with text, voice, images and video with family distributed, making solitude and ‘longiness’ (longing in loneliness) something manageable to carry! Longing for my full family to be in our house again! Mika and Mommy Karin back tomorrow, Nadine here next time Dec 29! I intend to blog on some findings I did today, for tomorrow, related to things that happenened Friday and that happens on Tuesday. And BTW … no TV today!…

This Calling Began with My Daughter Singing “We Are The World” … | #blog101 #MyFamily #MikaTheHero #NadineTheHeroine #Music4Health #PhotoLog

… “We Are The Children” ! Truly! Good Night! (And the storytelling beginning last week continues another Tuesday.) Thank you Karin ♡♡♡♡♡ for capturing the Magic, Beautiful and Love-Worthy! A day of STRONG relief – at the visit with Dr Fernlund, the Heart Doctor – with a 70-30 something of keeping Mika’s pacemaker as-is! Deep breathing out of relief! Now. Sleep!

At 11:01, Preparing For #blog101, starting Sep 1. Photolog: ‘Moments In Love’ | #blog366 #photolog

I. Startscreen. Iterations since “going Android” since years back, as fluid and dynamic as life in itself. Here, and now. Brands of Apps, as undisclosed as possible. Background, kids and me, in tricolor. Reflections of priorities, lockscreen in front nofilter, startscreen about logging for baby and running. Contact Prio one my ICE – IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. KARIN. Capturing shortlinks to dedicated notebooks – The Family. The Journal. Photo notetaking. And text. Communication – Purple app, my daughter Nadine. Blue apps, yhe closest circle, in general. Phone and short messages. Chatting. The omnipresent web browser. The photo gallery.And controls of…

Closing a Circle – Ending a NadineWeek | #blog366 #photolog #NadineTheHeroine

Today. Leaving Nadine. From Norrköping to Arvika, then mother with her guy behind the wheel by car to her Norwegian home in Eidsvoll. Here, last leg – the regional train from Kristinehamn to Arvika, just before the arrival. A sad moment of separation. Last Saturday. The reverse. A happy reunion. Getting her from Arvika to Norrköping, here in the travelling to her Swedish home.  Soon again, we hope! Miss you already, Mika’s big sister! Until next time, be well, and hope you get a good last part of your Summer’s School’s Out! I love you unconditionally, #NadineTheHeroine!

Boule, Fun and Zootropolis | #blog366 #photolog

Today, Nadine played Boule for the first time. She thought it was quite boring, but I enjoyed it. They have a great Boule field at Folkparken. After that, we played with Mika, and at home we made a little mirtor groupfie. Ending the day with Zootropolis! Great fun! It’s a bit of a tradition to view a great animated feature movie last night before leaving her with her mum. Which happens tomorrow! A great last day of this NadineWeek!

Dream to fly, ice cream to eat | #blog366 #photolog

Nadine and I saw a 3D/360° film at the Dome of Visualiseringscenter C today, via gift cards from Anna Öst (A 50 year b-day gift – thanks!). It was a cool half hour with the film Dream To Fly, about our dream to be up in the sky. Edutainment! Later in the afternoon, we ate icecream at Halvars Glass. Great! Thank you Hedwig for making it happen! I also trained aikido tonight, so yes. I am really tired. Good night!

Fusible beads workshop – Pokémon Themed | #blog366 #photolog

Today, we had a workshop and made some fusible beads motives inspired by Pokémon, given the present Pokémon Go-hype (and its pixel-friendly nature makes it very appropriate too). To the left, Pikachu by Karin. And I made a Pokémon ball. Nadine made some as well (not in photo). Fun! And, no. I am not playing the game. Karin does! Good for exercise! Art, fun and play for health!

LED Light Bling Bling Workshop and Strömparken | #blog366 #photolog

Today, we were at Visualiseringscenter C and attended a workshop where you could make your own LED Light Bling Bling, with a container made of a 3D printer! Karin and Nadine made one each. And Mika, well, he was elsewhere! After dinner, we went to Strömparken – Deshi in company too! Hot days continues, so it was kinda ok to hang around at the air conditioned Vis C after all …

Hemester Highlights | #blog366 #Family

A day at Himpabadet. Himmelstalundsbadet. The Swimming pools at Himmelstalund field, nearby some of the most rich rock carvings in Sweden, and a very very very wide green field, uniquely close to an inner city. Love it! Pics, speaking for themselves. Nadine, Mika, Karin and me. Heat wave. At 30° C, today. Phew! Sunny Sunday! Fun!

NadineTrip and Lifestreaming | #blog366 #Nadine

Today I fetced Nadine in Arvika over the day, and we got home by 5.30pm. I have reactivated somewhat lifestreaming more frequent, and shared full day through Facebook with checkins and photos, which I auto-syndicated to my Tumblr feed, as an experiment. You can see the Tumblr feed in the sidebar of my blog (or scrolling down beyond the posts if you are on some mobile platforms). Archives fromJuly, shows more than half of posts the last 24 hours! After we arrived in Norrköping, we had dinner, and Nadine shared some belated presents, which she got from a classmate. Much…