Mika at the hospital again | #MikaTheHero

This morning we found Mika with fever. So when we went to the hospital to deliver his daily dose of cortisone, we asked them to check it out. Tests showed no infection. But with fever at 39.2 C, they decided to keep him overnight for observation and give him antibiotics every sixth hour from 1pm. I am home with the cats, Karin is at the hospital. All will be fine! Here Mika is at the play therapy.

Treatment day 1/5 – all fine! And they found three potential donors! | #MikaTheHero

He got his first out of five ATG infusions today. No reactions! All fine. And our MD spoke to the donor coordinator in Sweden for bone marrow stem cells at Huddinge Hospital, and they have found three potential donors out there! We haz hope!

Diagnosis set – Mika has aplastic anemia | #MikaTheHero

Now we have a diagnosis. Mika has aplastic anemia. It’s a serious blood disease, where his bone marrow doesn’t produce blood cells. No red, no white, no trombocytes. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aplastic_anemia Next week they will start with ATG treatment, and start to look after a donor of stem cells for a bone marrow transplant. A process of months ahead. We’re definitely in need of mental and moral support and lots of prayers. We keep strong! We will make it!